SER denies driving car, names officer in FB comments; Morrissey quoted in article

Update: Sam has just written in his facebook page (comment in the photo post) it was not him driving the car and he was not in italy at the moment. What the hell?

This is getting more and more ridiculous.

Links posted anonymously:

Sam Esty Rayner Photography Facebook comment (July 7):
The Italian newspapers state, on behalf of Roma Polizia, that the driver of the car was Sam Esty Rayner.

Sam was not the driver; was not in the car; was not in Italy on the date of the incident.

Also earlier:

Sam Esty Rayner Photography Facebook comment (July 5):
The police officer who attacked Morrissey at 7.45 pm on July 4th in Rome, Italy, is named Barone Raffaele.


Link posted by an anonymous person:

Morrissey claims he was ‘terrorised by police officer who drew his gun’ -


The state police website claimed Morrissey had an attitude from the outset and was astonished he had not been recognised.

It added police were eventually able to identify him after making further inquiries.

Morrissey told ‘Yes, I had an attitude – of someone being provoked. I do not expect anyone anywhere to know who I am. If this is all the police can say in their defence, then you must draw your own conclusions.

‘If this can happen to me on a busy, daylight street in Roma, then Italy places itself right up there with Syria in terms of moral stability.

‘With armed psychopaths free on the streets of Roma, then incoming migrants will soon be storming Italian borders to get back to Libya.

‘Italy’s ranking as 126th most dangerous country in the world has now shifted to number 1.’

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I stopped listening to the solo stuff long ago. But now I'm on the verge of never putting on a Smiths-record again too. That is quiet something, coming from me. It's become unbearable, these cheap attempts to generate some media attraction and the suggestion that they're all after him. My god.
Don't punish Marr, Rourke and Joyce for the downward spiral Moz has chosen. The Smiths are still #1!!!!
You know, that should help, but I think newspapers should absolutely check their facts. I don't know where the news that Sam was driving came from but it was and is reported on all italian newspapers, including the one I posted in another thread, which is probably the major italian newspaper right now. Either SER is blatantly lying, which I honestly don't think, or journalists - more probably - did not do their jobs at all, causing a mess - I don't know if you've been on SER facebook page but it's full of disgusting and hateful comments. I hate my fellow countrymen right now. I have never loved them that much to be honest but Jesus - they're full of hate, sexism, racism, it makes me sick. I am very sorry.
It's true , yesterday they were slamming Morrissey and today the hate goes against SER himself , wether right or wrong it's quite embarrassing to watch , I dunno
Why he wouldn't turn off comments on that post.
Don't be too hard on Italians , it's not only in Italy , it's the whole f***in world full of hate and abuse where they see a chance to do it , let me correct, it's particularly Fakebook world. Despicable :sick:
Good evening everyone, thanks for coming at such short notice.
Now then, down to business.
The one thing we still haven't established in this investigation ? Anyone ?
We'll I'll tell you. . . . (long paused silence)


We've havn't seen or heard anything of Steven's companion on this Rome trip !

Why not?

We need to track down Diesel urgently.

Is he in Rome ? (If not why not ?)
Was he the driver of the car ?
Did he take the cop shot ?
Is he on social media ?
Did he give a false name ie S E R ?
Did they have a domestic ?
Is he no longer a companion?

If we can find Diesel I believe we can put the jigsaw back together and get down to the bottom of all this cock and nonsense once and for all.
Her Majesty has taken great interest in this recent fairytale of his and wants his arse nailed to the gates of the Tower of London.

Keep me updated at all times
Good luck everyone
Let's do this !

#We:heartssuit:Barone Raffaele

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
A good rule of thumb is to always take Morrissey's side. He's honest, trustworthy, intelligent, and righteous. Go, Moz, Go! #VivaMozzer

these posts of mis/information from various sources from both sides really just leads to more assumption and speculation that is not based on fact, meaning a comprehensive and complete picture that can be judged as true by both sides of the parties involved. We're still all in the dark at this point.
Could you imagine being his P.R.? "Um... Hello Morrissey. Yes, it's me AGAIN. Yes. For the third time this week. I'm going to put this as gently as I can, but for the good of your career, we're going to need you to shut the f*** up and work on that album. We have live dates lined up, no! We aren't going to cancel them, Jesus Christ..." *line goes dead as P.R. fires single round into own temple*

'*line goes dead as P.R. fires single round into own temple*'

:lbf: but not before M fires his P.R person !
Bravo, you've summed up what I've felt for the past several years as a Smiths/Morrissey fan. As I've mentioned before, the clock on career, and more importantly life, is ticking down (frankly for all of us). Does he really want this foolishness to be his final legacy ... can he still dig deep and remind us of why we used to feel so inspired? Or is it already finalized and we should just be thankful we got what we already have?

But don't forget the songs that made you cry
And the songs that saved your life
Yes, you're older now and you're a clever swine
But they were the only ones who ever stood by you

several years? that's all? not enough to pose such questions as the ones you have posted. ;)

Oh the :drama:


don't know why anyone else should be so concerned.
Please stop embarrassing yourself, Morrissey.
‘Italy’s ranking as 126th most dangerous country in the world has now shifted to number 1.'

All this over a policeman asking to see your papers? Jesus H - talk about a diva strop. Get a grip dude. For all your millions you are the same as the rest of us. Occasionally you have to have to submit to the minor inconvenience of local authority, whether it's a traffic cop stopping you for speeding or a customs officer doing a random patdown, or airport staff telling you where to stand (remember when he complained about that one?). That doesn't make them Hitler, and you some terribly persecuted charity case we should all feel sorry for. You can't just flounce through life in your big girl's blouse like some special case to whom the rules don't apply.

Many years ago Morrissey tried to convince us that 'The Queen is Dead', but it's clear this drama queen is very much alive.

Keep a lookout - Morrissey will soon be announcing 7 concerts in Syria.
Therefore, Morrissey-Solo will always do what Morrissey-Solo does. 100% Morrissey's fault for the anti-Morrissey trolls, and 0% Morrissey's fault for the one-eyed supporters. Why bother suspending judgement when you can just automatically go all in on one side or the other!

exactly ! :thumb: :lbf:

And sadly, where others have only one or two eyes, I have three ! And my third eye SEES ALL !

actually, I'm looking at you right now. :paranoid:
I believe you mean... A well-deserved multi million world-tour.


Can I be the first to accuse him of being a money-grabbing, egominded, fake popstar, when it happens, destroying the Smiths legacy? Not the lawnmowers of course, or Johnny Marr. :rolleyes:

When it doesn't happen he is the same, selfish and not giving a shit about the people who he owes, of course, everything to, apart from his ever dwindling fanbase.

Oh, the "legacy", the " legacy".
A part of his legacy is he doesn't care about it.
And he doesn't care what any anonymous or non-anonymous poster says about him.
He is still the same, underneath. :popcorn:
How come Morrissey never corrected that his nephew wasn't there? Slipped his mind? This shit is shady as f***.
several years? that's all? not enough to pose such questions as the ones you have posted. ;)

Oh the :drama:


don't know why anyone else should be so concerned.


KS, I hope that looked as obnoxious as I intended.
I'm trying to take your posts seriously but you seem to be taking the piss most of the time ... so enough said.

you said too much and you drank too much... I hope you are drinking, it goes well with these so important Solo debates !

no, I'm serious! Why should anyone care what he does with his legacy? He created it and he can destroy it, if that's what you see him as doing.

KS, I hope that looked as obnoxious as I intended.

no, not obnoxious at all!
and not trying to set you straight, We prefer you bent. Stay bent! what do I care.
Ok, shows over folks. I think Italy has learned not to mess with the Mozzalini. Hope to hear some news about the songs.
This is very serious because of the gun, the terrible moment Morrissey had to endure and the half an hour kidnapp he suffered without any reasonable argument being able to justify that horrible, unnecessary and stupid situation.

But on the other hand, knowing he is safe now, it's quite funny when you think about Morrissey and his companion driving a nice Fiat 500 (my mother's all time favorite car) on the streets of Rome and a cop looking at them reasoning: "this two guys look like very dangerous terrorists, let's apply on them the antiterrorist control!" Seriously???? This is a typical italian comedy film. Who wouldn't love to asssist to the premier?
Controlli antiterrorismo
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