Morrissey Central "Sensational shows in Dublin, but the music industry world won’t listen" (July 18, 2023)

Sensational shows in Dublin, but the music industry world won’t listen


Uncredited image: J.D. Writer/Felton.
😂 Didn’t someone here predict that this photo would end up on central?! Fair play to the fan I’m sure he’s happy but central is so predictable. Well . Boringly predictable. Someone wears a Mozza t shirt? You’re on Central. Someone sees a mozza poster lying on the floor covered in piss at a bus station? Photo ends up on Central. It’s like a 5 year olds scrap book
If only the energy he puts into “impressing” record labels was redirected into engaging with fans.
Morrissey, stop being so needy for record label attention. It's tragic.

You want your new music released? Do it yourself. There is no other option now. Rightly or wrongly, the labels won't touch you.
I’m actually pretty impressed/surprised that neither of the albums have leaked yet.
That Donnie must run a tight ship.
Hopefully Josh Klinhoffer is due an upgrade on his phone soon...! (He has the album on there).

It is a mental situation all things considered regarding the timeline of Bonfire of Teenagers. I nearly bit the bullet and checked out the live tracks but I like the thought of holding off til the record is eventually out there - looks as if it won't be for a long while yet sadly.

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