Morrissey Central "Send me the pillow" (November 26, 2023)

.......strange.. have had this live version on loop since ydy.... intro - check, dance - check, tempo - check... the pillow part - many checkkkks yessss

A subdued performance ... the furthest apart I seen them play live...looks sad and lonely...

.....he doesn't strike me as a pillow hugger though...would probably sshheeelve them all...

Send me the pillow

🌴🌴🌴Dear Morrissey : today is the anniversary of the passing away of Natalie Wood in 1981. Paint a Vulga, r Picture is a fitting tribute to a kind and beautiful, innocent soul. " No, they can not touch you my darling. They can not hurt you now." 💖🌴Zack, Molly,David, Maggy, Daisy, Jackson & Rocco. S.D.Park Blvd Morrissey Crew🌴🌴🌴
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