Morrissey Central "Send me the pillow" (November 26, 2023)

This is pillow talk. “Just a song at bedtime.”, he said, after a certain rendition of Irish Blood, English Heart. “Send me the pillow, the one that you dream on.” Bedroom eyed Morrissey somewhere, maybe in Tokyo, pillow talking.
Some Ghouls Are Bigger Than Others

Some Ghouls Are Bigger Than Others.jpg
Totally random comment, but I'm still bummed he omitted the final verses of I Won't Share You when played live not too long ago.
Tragic times when this is the most recent and relevant post on Central. I may be dead before Morrissey releases BONFIRE…
My smart pillow with which I consult, does not know if I will be able to sleep peacefully, because it is not certain if Morrissey will come to Argentina in February 2024, . I said: Moz is no longer on the list of events at the Movistar Arena Argentina, do you think he will come? Can I sleep without blankets? Mmmm he replied
What is the Central post about? Somebody found a video that has a Smiths song attached?
whooooo cares. holy mackerel it’s been a year since RWA released… or should we say dropped. if he doesn’t self-release the world will be ending before we ever hear another song
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