Selling an XL Edith Sitwell 1991 shirt


Call me morbid.
Hi, I have an XL Edith Sitwell shirt I'm looking to sell. I've had it for years but I don't get much wear out of it so I figure it's time to let it go.

This shirt is from the 1991 Kill Uncle tour and this version of this shirt was apparently only sold one night. From passions just like mine "The first version of the t-shirt was first sold on the second date of the tour (Costa Mesa), it had Edith Sitwell on both front and back, but Morrissey didn't like the back print as it was too blurred so they were replaced"

It is in good condition, the material has thinned out a bit, but there are no tears or holes. There is some staining on the inside of the bottom right of the shirt.
Measurements are 28" top to bottom, 23.5" armpit to armpit

Buy the shirt that Morrissey never wanted you to have :cool:

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KOOOl shirt. I was at that Costa Mesa gig. amazing gig. did you go? I actually was going to buy this shirt, but opted out for the KU one. Whats your ballpark on this one?
I wasn't at the show, I bought the shirt from a vintage store a while ago. I was hoping to get $125 for it.
Flashback Friday. I bought the other one. :D I wish I still had it, I wore it a lot then when I went to college my dad wore it to work on cars until it got so dirty it went in the rag bin, the fate of all the tshirts in our family. :o

If this is the other one it's the one I had, not sure about the details of collectibles. It was a beautiful t-shirt, all my high school teachers loved it. All the kids hated it. :p
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