Seeing the Sights in Manchester


Tharr she blows!

So I'm going to Manchester for the first time in December and am very excited to be visiting the 'cemetry' gates, the iron bridge, the SLC! I'm going to buy that Morrissey's Manchester book so I can act like the geek I truly am (I'm sooo excited!) but I was wondering if there was any where else of interest you guys might be able to point me in the direction of.

I'm going with someone who doesn't like Moz at all so I was thinking about taking them out somewhere as a thank-you for putting up with two days of hyperactive, obsessive me. He likes classic cars if you know anywhere...:D

Also, it'll be near Christmas, so where are the good shopping places in Manchester? Are there any nice little quirky, vintage places about?

I am, of course, going to mooch about online and try and find this information out but I much prefer actually talking to people (espesh people who live there!) because they seem to be more knowledgable and it's simply nicer!


I'd recommend you to go to Oldham Street where you'll find Aflex Palace, some recordshops and secondhand clothes stores.
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