Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre (Nov. 2, 2017) post-show

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By davidt on Nov 3, 2017 at 5:30 AM
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    You'll Be Gone / Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / I Started Something I Couldn't Finish / Spent The Day In Bed / Speedway / When You Open Your Legs / Home Is A Question Mark / Istanbul / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Bullfighter Dies / Jack The Ripper / Back On The Chain Gang / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / My Love, I'd Do Anything For You / Ganglord / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday // Suedehead / Shoplifters Of The World Unite

    Setlist provided by, corrections from an anonymous person (order not 100%)

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 3, 2017.

    1. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Tell me quando, quando, quando, garbage? :squiffy: :swear
      You're just jealous! Did he ever sing "g23"? No! ;)

      By the way, that lyrical change in Everyday Is Like Sunday is him asking that question not only to his audience but also to himself and if you think it is only silly and garbage you missed the tragic aspect.
      Somebody should ask him if he got an answer yet.
      For me it is quintessential Moz.
      Funny but tragic too.
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    2. g23
      I got the tragic aspect. I was just attached to the former much more poetic version.
      And no, he didn't ever sing g23, but certain people I know did. :lbf:
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    3. Girlmostlikely
      Thanks! I like the LIHS Tee with bull. And will he be singing TLM?!? That would make me very happy:D
    4. Anonymous
    5. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I can have both.
      The former much more poetic version still exists and the line doesn't spoil the song for me.
      But I understand what you mean as I have that feeling towards the changing of the song Speedway. Not the lyrics itself but I can't get used to how it is now live.

      Although there is a lot of variety in his set list now, I wouldn't mind if "Certain People I Know" makes a re-entry as it is a great song and the rockabilly sound adds some liveliness to the live experience.

      I reckon the certain people you know who sang your name were kind and appreciative and you were pleased. :thumb:
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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Chain Gang:


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    7. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      You don't want to get behind me at a show - I'm 6'4" and generally have about 6 drinks in me. :)
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    8. Anonymous
      Must have been a thrilling performance. The site almost crashed at one point.
      Still no shitlist ?

      I'm beginning to smell cancellations already :rolleyes:.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    9. Anonymous
      6 drinks ! You thimble !

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    10. Anonymous
      I agree with ya g23.

      The line change from Suedehead is awful - "You had to sneak into my room just to see the utter gloom."

      And one of the worst examples was from Little Man What Now many moons ago:

      From the poetic:

      A star at 18
      And then - suddenly gone
      Down to a few lines
      In the back page of a faded annual

      to the uinspired:

      A star at 18
      And then - suddenly gone
      Back to the mean, melancholy streets
      That you came from
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    11. bored
      I have had front row about 20 times. It's not really worth it for me at this point. On the flip side, I've had front row so many times it's kind of a disappointment to not have it. Not $800 worth of disappointment.. but still a disappointment.
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    12. Anonymous
      All you cunts love to complain.

      Oh he’s gonna cancel
      Oh we don’t like the lyric changes
      Oh the set list is too short
      Oh the set list is too long
      Oh meat is murder is too gruesome

      Please, for the sake of everyone. Stop coming to gigs. You aren’t welcome and people hate you. Entitled fucks. If you want the record. Listen to the record. If not, shut the fuck up and let everyone else enjoy something without you shitting all over it talking about the “glory days”
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    13. juaninazio

      I paid 1,1000 dlls for my third rock tickets and feel like an idiot, first row now is 600 dlls
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    14. Anonymous
      Steven has prevented the setlist from being published to guarded again falling ticket sales. The aftermarket price has hit rock bottom.

      I stated it before that the tour will come to a crashing halt before he leaves California.
    15. Marvin Gardens
      Marvin Gardens
      I was right next to the woman who yelled this. "And who are you?"
      "Do you really not know? Did you happen to read anything on your way in tonight?"
      The folks around us cheered when she said that.

      Also, it may have been coincidence, it may have been the excruciating videos, but a guy behind me straight-up passed out during "Meat is Murder"; he hit the ground hard, and knocked over a woman standing behind him in the process. He got up straightaway and claimed to be fine, but someone he was with suggested that perhaps they should get some fresh air, and they did.

      I'll admit I Googled "how to be come a vegetarian" after the show last night, so maybe the videos serve a purpose.

      Also, "My Love, I'd Do Anything For You" was great.
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    16. Anonymous
      Is this a complaint?
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    17. mcrickson
      You had to Google that?
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    18. lanterns
      i find it even more heavyweight this way. the monosyllabic eat kill eat kill, for me at least, reflects the industrialized noise of the assembly belt that, like a neverending clock mechanism, is killing life at one second intervals in order to maximize the output. the lyrics support the song:s message even more dramatically namely the contrast between the beautiful, trusting life shred into pieces in and by an atrocious machinery plus the insatiable, dumb and infantile people crying "eat eat" and bestowing the food-providing momma surrogate with filial trust and love that will never be unsettled. the impact of the song is increased.
    19. notawoman
      I also liked his lyric change/adition in Berlin last month:
      money money death death murder
      animals fight to stay alive
      they would do anything just to stay alive
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    20. 001
      Pretty sure it was! What a complaining little tyke he is!

      Damn it! Now I'm complaining that he's complaining! Did I just complain about myself complaining about someone complaining!!??
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