Seattle Tix still for sale


Two decent Seattle tickets still on sale. Discount for Solo-ers. PM if interested.

I just got row B tix at regular price through the venue website, so I was curious to see what row A (front row tix were going for on solo). Your eBay ad is slightly misleading with the title description of "FRONT ROW" when the row is specified as E. Can you edit your eBay title?

BTW, now I'm looking for Portland tix. I will post a new thread or look through old ones.


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Mel, Row A is not front row.
There is a pit section in front of Row A. The pit rows are PB1 (1st) and PB2 (2nd).
And row E is, exactly as stated, the front row of that particular section, and there's a link to the seating chart. I've seen some unclear/misleading ebay listings but I don't think this is one of them.

Also, kudos to you Baltimoz for your invention & use of the word "Mozitive." :thumb:


Thanks for the corrections. Apologies to Balitmoz if any aspersions cast upon her.

After reading the description more fully, I see row E IS the front row for its section...although it is still 4 rows behind row A, which I consider the proper front row.

I've seen Morrissey twice at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and there was no pit those times, only seats in rows A, B, etc. Then after Flax mentioned the PB thing...Doh! I looked at stubhub. Apparently there is a pit this time, according to stubhub. The venue's seating chart does NOT reflect these PB pit section. Oh well, I'm old and ill and need my rest. I might enjoy sitting right next to the middle in 2nd row behind the pit :(.
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