Scott Walker - 30th Centuary Man (BBC4 on friday)


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i know there's quite a few Scott fans here so just in case some of you missed 30th Centuary Man in the cinema last year BBC4 are screening it this coming Friday at 9pm. It's quite brilliant!!! Loads of old archive footage and interviews with loads of fans.

So Scott Walker 9-10.30 and then Jools for Moz! Yippee - a cracking night in!

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I saw it at the cinema last year and it was brilliant! Before the film I had no idea about the tortured, experimental side of his work or the more challenging albums. (A bit of tortured experimentation is always good. :D)

Would strongly recommend a watch.

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Good o. I can't watch i might watch my dvd of the film:p



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Oh man if only it were here in my country.:(

And MONTAGUE TERRACE (in blue) is one of my fav Scott Walker numbers
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