Scott Matthew and Spencer Cobrin play "Lost"


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Scotty played a wonderful rendition of "Lost" yesterday in vienna,
and had very kind words for M, as usual........
(I once asked him what he thinks about him, he answered: "Love", which I found quite special and lovely)

It was originally written by Spence, he's supporting on guitar.....
(in vienna, this song was ending with Scott shouting: "HE wrote this, HEEEE wrote this"

lovely, lovely, lovely
(Milan version)


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I love this song. It's so beautiful. Everybody's lost/But they're pretending they're not.:tears:

Nice version. Now I really wish I had seen them in Berlin.


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Would love to hear Moz on vocals on this version. Sounds like a bad David Bowie impression to me but i loved it

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Good to see some recent video of Spencer, thanks.

How many posts before someone mentions you know what?

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Nice version.

I really can't understand why Morrissey didn't release it as a single. It's one of his best solo songs in my opinion. Far better than "Satan Rejected My Soul" or "Roy's Keen" anyway, which were both singles off Maladjusted.
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