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  1. Channel: UKTV Style+1
    Programme: Little featurette type thing before "Our Home" starts. Either that or it was the programme on before this, but I missed the name of it.

    They're showing us how to make your own wooden CD-rack and the CD that they are using as a template is...

    *drum roll please*

    The Smiths, Strangeways Here We Come

    you're welcome.
  2. Reg Plate

    Reg Plate Guest

    Heartiest Thanks

    Thanks very much G.U. this is the kind of story that will set us apart from our so called competitors. Any other free Freeview or Telewest storys gratefully recieved.

    P.s. I am thinking about making the first edition of "chance to shite! as a powerpoint show, but saved so it will run without powerpoint on other people PCs. I haven't used Dreamweaver or Director for about 18 months and it could take me a while and lets face it Frontpage is quick but Ugly.

    Any opinions?


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