Scanned! The Smiths debut album song book


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Re: SCANNED!!! The Smiths Debut Album Song Book

Can I get a re-post on this pleeeeease?


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I have all these scans at Smiths On Guitar, along with pretty much any other tabs or chords you could want. I'm just missing a few songs from strangeways.

this site is amazing. Yeah, they forgot some songs from strangeways, but is still very useful.


egosheep, your site really is the best I've seen for Smiths music. Do you have any advice for a beginner?

Sure... beginner in what way? Are you just beginning guitar period, or just beginning to learn Smiths songs?

I would say get Guitar Pro. It's a great software and I have about 40 or so Guitar Pro tabs on the site for different Smiths songs. A lot of these are really, really well done, and they sometimes have 4-5 guitar parts all tabbed out, that you can mute, isolate, or slow down to play at whatever tempo helps you learn best.

There are a lot of great scanned tabs as well, but the songs are easiest to learn in Guitar Pro.

As for gear and stuff, it's very hard because he used so many different guitars, and most of them are prohibitively expensive. Johnny's main live amps were the Roland JC-120 or a Fender Twin Reverb. Main effects pedal would be the Boss CE-2 chorus, he used it live often. For a guitar, I would say a Telecaster, 335-type hollowbody like an Epiphone Dot or Epiphone casino, Rickenbacker 330 or a Les Paul.

As far as specific songs or tips on playing in his style.. his signature style is kind of like playing a fingerstyle part with a pick(sometimes really fast). Something like Wonderful Woman is very pretty and not terribly fast, you can use it to get used to his habits of arpeggios and string skipping.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I believe the song book file has expired because I can't access it. Is there any possibility of you uploading it once more? :)
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