Say something nice about someone on solo

Bagface is really nice and chill :D
Well, iamnicola is a great friend. Her posts never fail to cheer me up!

You go, gurl! :thumb:
Thank you very much. Pachinko is a great friend, too.
barky is so dear. She went out of her way for me yesterday and I'll appreciate it forever.

dothewatusi helped me see the light. Thank you, dothewatusi.

Corrissey continues to be clear-headed and kind-hearted. What a darling.
Je Sui Julie and gretchenraine are sweet-hearted and keep me entertained daily.
Corrissey continues to be clear-headed and kind-hearted. What a darling.

Me?! :squiffy: :p Thx! You're a kind soul yourself -and misunderstood by a lot of people. Their loss.

corrissey is wonderful!:D

Aww :sweet: You're da bomb girl, you have excellent taste in music. :guitar:

Has anyone said anything nice about me? No? Well f*** the lot of you.


I said the sweetest things about you, but I think bored deleted the post cuz he was jealous.
Silke, Cosey Mo, GirlAfraid23, Pashernate, Lemon, lottie, lainey....great Frink contributors.

Frannissey....nice lady, lovely singer.

Tbevie.....great Morrissey artwork.

oye terence and Joey....:yum: :blushing:

The Cats Mother....very talented knitter of frinky Morrissey dolls.

sistasheila....super scanner of many magazine articles.

Uncleskinny.....just seems like a really decent man and he makes the best t-shirts ever!

JesuisJulie,, interesting, sincere people, I am happy to have met them.

I enjoy lots of other posters here including Corrissey, Skinner, and nugz and probably many more.

Yes, you missed echobay's post. :o
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