'Satellite of Love' review in Norwegian newspaper VG Nett

The review is pretty fair. I know the rules are different for these types of tribute records but if it's not possible to go in the studio and record something, and what you've got doesn't meet your standards, don't release anything. This felt like someone wanted to capitalize on the publicity from the book and didn't really care what they out out.
I actually quite agree. The version is quite heavy handed and weighed down by concrete boots. Neither Moz nor band give their best. It's not a fiasco. It's just... OK. No more, no less. And a marginal footnote in Mozzers so called career.
It isn't great, but I don't think it was done for the money, because it won't sell loads. I believe it is a genuine tribute, although changing the lyric jars a little.

Lou Reed was a poet, so why change a word? Morrissey can interpret Reed's music in his own style without doing that. What next? Monday Morning? Walk On The Pavement? Hayling Island Baby?
I believe the release was both a tribute and a way to get his name out there among music fans/non-fans, any release has the potential to help drive people to his book (and the fact that Mr. Walking Deads Governor "David Morrissey" is reading his Autobiography and doing a good job, I must add.)

I haven't read the review though the single sounds a bit boot-leggy. Whatever though, I enjoy it and I suppose that is all that matters.

I remember he performed satellite of love when I saw him in San Antonio, Texas but cannot remember if he performed it at the show in Austin, Texas.

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