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Re: TTY - Satellite Of Love to be released as a single

Parlophone have also said more Morrissey news will be announced soon."

The following is from Frank010 via the Steve Hoffman music forums. He's got a mate who works at EMI and has some knowledge regarding the reissuing campaign. He posted this in July of this year.

"A couple of years ago Morrissey had a meeting with EMI to discuss a comprehensive reissue program for his back catalogue. EMI wanted to reissue all the albums as 2 CD editions, with the remastered albums on one disc and relevant B-sides, outtakes, alternate mixes etc on the other. Viva Hate was to be the first album. That was to be a deluxe 3 CD + 1 DVD edition, including the complete Wolverhampton gig on both CD and DVD. I got that information from a good mate who used to work at EMI.

Morrissey seemed very keen initially. And then - as usual - he changed his mind about twenty times about everything. He wanted the reissues to complement the Southpaw/Maladjusted ones - different covers, and a revised tracklisting, including B sides. Definitely NO Wolverhampton DVD or CD. Why? Because the three musicians all sued him. And he hates Mike Joyce. This has since been leaked and can be viewed on YT.

I bought Bona Drag when it came out. I thought it sounded great, but the tracks all fade into each other. When I heard that he'd edited Late Night Maudlin Street (one of his greatest songs, and the second best song on Viva Hate), I boycotted it. Ditto Kill Uncle.

Your Arsenal and Vauxhall & I are due out early next year, I think. Word is he's f-ed with those tracklistings as well - and those great covers too."

I think the alleged meeting with EMI occured in the summer of 2010, which IIRC was posted on the main page of this site. And seeing that the "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side" is rehased for the single's b-side, it appears Frank was right and a Your Arsenal re-issue as at least near the horizon. Hopefully the Arsenal & Vauxhall tracklisting is kept in tact, and any revisionary approach has to due to with M. putting on bonus tracks at the end.
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