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    19 January 2014 -

    "Satellite Of Love": Heavyweight 12" vinyl, 7" picture disc vinyl, and digital download formats can be pre-ordered now



    "Satellite Of Love" by Morrissey, which is to be released on heavyweight 12" vinyl, 7" picture disc vinyl, and digital download formats on 27 January in the UK and 28 January in the US, can be pre-ordered on these formats now from online music stores and other retailers.
    "Satellite Of Love" is supported by a remastered "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" and by previously unreleased live tracks across the formats.

    12" vinyl single tracklisting:
    "Satellite Of Love" (recorded live at the Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, 25 November 2011)
    "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
    "Vicar In A Tutu" (recorded live in Hyde Park, 4 July 2008)*
    "All You Need Is Me" (recorded live in Hyde Park, 4 July 2008)*

    7" picture disc vinyl single tracklisting:
    "Satellite Of Love" (recorded live at the Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, 25 November 2011)
    "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
    "You Say You Don't Love Me" (recorded live in Hyde Park, 4 July 2008)*

    Digital download tracklisting:
    "Satellite Of Love" (recorded live at the Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, 25 November 2011)
    "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side"
    "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed" (recorded live in Hyde Park, 4 July 2008)*

    * Previously unreleased

    12" vinyl single artwork
    7" picture disc vinyl single artwork
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    1. CrystalGeezer
      Cosmopolitan was my friend Jon's second Morrissey show. He now owns a few albums but didn't then. Satellite of Love was the only song he knew that night and it blew his mind a little bit. He left after the song because he was so wasted and the night couldn't get any better. Of course he didn't TELL ME THIS until I looked for him for an hour afterward and found him back at the room, but it's funny to think back on that. :p The next day I smashed into another car on the way to the Shrine and broke my radiator and almost blew up my car, worst show ever. From best show to worst show in 24 hours. :D
    2. Mozza220559
      Honestly though who's the design consultancy who creates all the Moz artwork now?

      I could do a better job with my hands tied around my back.
    3. mcrickson
      Just as long as he doesn't use an old photo for the new album sleeve. A one-off cover single release doesn't really matter to anyone besides Morrissey himself and collectors.
    4. Mozza220559
      Well yes. That'd be a cop out if he did that. It's just a bit shitty seeing the lack of effort in the current re-issues and albums over the past 5 years considering he used to know each typeface and pantone reference during The Smiths. I'm quite hopeful about the new album though. I think he'll put right all that was wrong in 2013. I'm really positive and want the cover art to reflect the quality of music.
    5. joe frady
      joe frady
      All the recent 'legacy product' {since 2010} has been designed by Darren Evans, the Art Director at EMI, now art director at Universal Music Group. No reason to suspect that 'Satellite of Love' will be any different.

      I quite like the fact that he's used the Penguin Classics typefaces for artist & title lettering. You can't go wrong with Mrs Eaves :)
    6. modrevolve
      funny that the 7 inch cost £2 more than the 12 inch.
    7. Jamie
      No bundle, no thank you.
    8. BrummieBoy
      oh Lou! how could you leave us? *rollseyes*

      Morrissey attempts to absorb yet another dead icon into his persona. epicFAIL!
    9. Anonymous
      Maybe he simply liked the song and decided to record a cover of it.
    10. Anonymous
      The 7" is a picture disc, which is why it's more expensive than the 12".
    11. Sal Kramer
      Sal Kramer
      Yet again more recycled music thrust upon Morrissey's adoring, cash-wielding fan base, available for purchase in multiple formats. Hurry up & buy it NOW! The rent must be due...
    12. Anonymous
      In that case why didn't he release it years ago ? Lou had only been brown-bread for a couple of days (he was still warm) before details emerged of the cash in.
      Very poor taste

    13. Girlmostlikely
      It was clearly a TRIBUTE. That's why it was released at that time. It's not like this was, or was expected to be, some kind of big hit. Plus it's still Lou Reed's song, most of the profits go to his estate. I thought it was genuine and Lou's heart would have been warmed.
    14. Anonymous
      Actually the picture disc is beautiful
    15. Anonymous
      What's your definition of cash in? Royalties from this single go to Lou Reed's state. It's a tribute, you sour piece of crap.
    16. Mr Delaney
      Mr Delaney
      Indeed. Got it in the mail today, listened to it for the first time (I prefer physical releases for my mental release).

      Sounded quite good actually, close to the Norway concert version. The remaster of "Someone on Your Side" sounds good on the guitars, lots of rough and fuzzy edges, but less so on the bass. The Buzzcocks song was OK, Morrissey obviously can't do the Shelley yelps but the band did a credible impersonation of the Buzzcocks. Guitars could've been slightly clearer/higher in the mix though.

      One thing that did irritate was the sticker with the copy info - you have to tear it in two to get the disc out, which is a shame. The Mael Mix Suedehead disc had a better solution for this.
    17. joe frady
      joe frady
      But no matrix message :(
    18. Anonymous
      Yes with "Morrissey" written all over it ! Could he not have just donated a wedge, anon ?

      "Morrissey does a lot a great work for charity, doesn't like to talk about it" springs to mind.

    19. Stoned
      I just love the artwork, that is why I am getting both vinyls.

      Cheers Moz

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