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    'American Honey' Breakout Sasha Lane to Star in 'Shoplifters of the World' (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter


    American Honey breakout Sasha Lane has lined up her next project.

    Lane, who was plucked from obscurity to star in the Cannes Film Festival darling opposite Shia LaBeouf, will head up the cast of Shoplifters of the World.

    Written and directed by music documentarian Stephen Kijak, Shoplifters chronicles a fateful day in 1987, when Morrissey announced that The Smiths were officially no longer a band. Fueled by his own sadness and his love for a girl, a young boy brings a gun to a radio station and demands the DJ play The Smiths for the rest of the night.

    Nick Krause (The Descendants), Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan), Ellar Coltrane (Boyhood) and Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) also are on board to co-star. Manganiello, who will play the DJ, is producing as well alongside Nick Manganiello and Laura Rister (Lawless).

    Production is scheduled to begin in winter.


    Mike also sends the link:

    A Morrissey film is being made – and it’s called ‘Shoplifters of the World Unite’! - TimeOut London

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    1. Famous when dead
    2. gordyboy9
      looks like handbags for very small people.
    3. marred
      It baffles me what gets made into films these days.
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    4. Sarcasmos
      I still like this quote from Autobiography. Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 8.55.50 AM.png
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    5. AztecCamera
      She's kind of hot. You know Morrissey is going to hit that. He is so lucky, he gets all the hot chicks.
    6. Anonymous
      It could be great. The director made the Scott Walker documentary 30th Century Man which I loved.
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    7. ACTON
      Exactly. There's niche but this is pulling the piss. I've been a Moz fan since around 1987 and have zero interest in going to this film in the cinema. If you held a gun to my head I still wouldn't go. Maybe they could make a film about a Moz fan who refused to go to the cinema at gunpoint to see a film about a guy holding a radio station at gunpoint.
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    8. ACTON
      I'd sooner chop my head off and microwave it.
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    9. ACTON
      My head is plastic and easily replaced via a purchase of Steve Austin on eBay.
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    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      In stead of. :cool:
      He is really desperate. I do understand him. :thumb:
      I really like the Walker Brothers and Scott Walker and if a documentary of Moz could be made with the same person I would have an exiting feeling about it.
      But this is not really about The Smiths or Moz, isn't?
      Unfortunately :(
    11. tyronepowebottom
      I would be more interested in this if it was a smiths biopic, to be honest
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    12. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      I agree with you.
    13. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Ah, that is a nice thought!
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    14. vanetta
      I think that if they can get permission to use Smiths songs for the movie it would be a nice piece of work.
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    15. celibate
      would be nice if the the Smiths single 'shoplifter of the world unite and take over ' get's released when the movie is gonna get to the movies.

      as was written and give it a 'like' an autobiography of the Smithstory would get me to the cinema...the songs and permission to use them would make the recording producer insane...
    16. rifke
      i'd go see it.
    17. Anonymous
      I'd pay to watch that. Right after I get finished watching SHOPLIFTERS. ("It's so easy to laugh it so easy to hate...")

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