Sarah Hagan Backstage: "All Access with Brendan Buckley" - due to record Morrissey album in France & more dates 2023 (November 29, 2022)


Several Morrissey mentions.
Then towards the end, he mentions flying to France in January, 2023 to record an album with Morrissey (possibly 2 months) & added (re: tour): "bunch of dates he wants adding for 2023" (this part starts approx at 53:21).

A related question... is BOT the first time Morrissey recorded an album without first having a record deal? I know in the past he's debuted new material live without having a contract... but I thought the album wasn't recorded until he had a contract. YATQ era would be an example.
Similar to World Peace, songs were ready but he didn't record until he had a deal. Ironically with Capital/harvest wasn't it?

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