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I know you find the world a scary place, son. If you need all kind of conspiracy theories to make sense of it all, that’s okay. Use all the tinfoil you need.

Just don’t go on a killing spree, that’s all I ask.
Irony is lost on you, isn’t it. “Deep State Department” is a term used by your hero, Mister Orange. The fact that you prefer him over Hillary says all we need to know about you.

What are you doing on the website of a gay british singer, being the redneck gun totin’ cross burning inbreeding deplorable hillbilly that you obviously are?
Hillary and her husbands names were on Jeffrey Epsteins flight list to his island numerous times, where trafficked children were abused by them.
Or are you going to cry conspiracy for everything you can't get your head around. Rhetorical question.
Does Skinny Gaylord have no shame? Never! He's so far-left, he can't turn right. :ahhh:
Conspiracy theory can sometimes sound outlandish hence it's derogative label. Some of it, like the "tin foil hat" is a common tactic by mainstream to mobilize ppl against anything not prt of the narrative. The incredulous history behind Rockefeller, big pharma, ties with nazi Germany, (or even covert mind-control experiments like PojectMKUltra )are indeed documented facts that would have been easily thought to be outlandish theories, if it wasn't true.
To extend his empire in the new chemical & pharm sector, John D. Rockefeller’s used his company (Standard Oil of New Jersey) to buy into a huge German drug/chemical co., I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben was the largest donor in the election of Hitler, & became the single largest profiteer in World War II. IG Farben subsidized 100% I.G. Auschwitz,the multi mega industrial complex, manufacturing such things as synthetic gasoline/rubber for war. As we know, Auschwitz used slave labor & Anyone useless was killed in the gas chambers w/ the chemical gas Zyklon-B manufactured by IG Farben. There were also human experimentation that led to death or deformity. (Side note. After the war,, Instead of US pharma companies rejecting IG Farben, Bayer Corp. appoints an I.G. Farben bd member ,convicted war criminal from the Nuremberg trials, as Chairman of its board.) In order to build on his investments, Rockefeller sought to reform the medical profession, to push pharmaceuticals. Abraham Flexner was hired to report back on the success of existing American med schools. His report (submitted to the Carnegie fdtn) stated that it was too easy to start a med school (which incorporated natural therapies & homeopathy ),adding that sound medicine was not being taught. Congress accepted the report and under the wings of the industry, thru accreditation by AMA, medical schools curriculum was re-defined & Drs must be certified under their standards to be recognized. The once respected practice of Holistic medicine fell to the wayside, as alternative and quackery, courses of such nature removed. You can not patent Mother Nature, but you can sell drugs and promote drug research, including vaccines.
The greatest propaganda is the one we are living in, when expertise, investigative expose, hard science, extensive research, and logic is dismissed as conspiracy theories. I hoping,for the sake of humans, that they will produce a "cleaner" vaccine, for those that want to believe in it. If viruses are not the causes of diseases, as it never was adequately proven, then a vaccine at best may help jumpstart some immunity with its adjuvants, but that is if you can handle its toxicity. For now, a rushed GMO, Microchip implant with nano technology, and the usual adjuvants isn't exactly my idea of clean, but we wont know how detrimental it is if they are first targeting frail elderly ppl who are already immune compromised.

:paranoid::paranoid::paranoid::paranoid: ?



Manipulate our DNA? CRISPR is :paranoid: x :crazy: = :skull:
Morrissey's main intention in sharing this video is to hock more right-wing boomer talking points about the virus being a hoax and Bill Gates being some Luciferian agent of the New World Order who's out to wipe out the population with his evil vaccine or whatever. The internet is the worst thing that ever happened to Morrissey, it made him deeply boring. Perhaps the ultimate sin for an artist.
The Luciferian agent the lackey Verso works for to help usher in the New World Order. Crayons included. :drama:


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