San Jose, CA - City National Civic Auditorium (May 7, 2014) post-show

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Set List:

Hand In Glove / That's How People Grow Up / Ganglord / Speedway / I Have Forgiven Jesus / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Yes, I Am Blind / The Bullfighter Dies / Life Is A Pigsty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Earth Is The Loneliest Planet / Trouble Loves Me / Meat Is Murder / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday / The National Front Disco // Asleep / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

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A few of the backdrops used:

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I have to say I am particularly disappointed with the new batch of songs. If these are the three 'choice' tracks to showcase the new record I fear the worse.

They sound like the lyrics of a witless comedian satirising a Morrissey record.
"The bullfighter dies and nobody cries/because we all want the bull to survive."

'Yes, I Am Blind' however a pleasant addition.
Jonny Barleycorn, why do you bother? Nobody here (apart from the two or three other trolls) could care less about your endless sneering. Moz could discover a cure for AIDS and you'd be attacking him because it's not a cure for cancer. The huge irony that seems sadly lost on you is that you have become precisely the predictable, tired, repetitive, self-parody that you continually accuse Morrissey of becoming.
You're exactly right about barleycorn, he's more predictable than the glasgow rain and the sad thing is he doesn't even realise it, from what I've seen on YouTube the title track didn't sound great but I'm hoping the studio version will be much better, earth sounded great, bullfighter sounds pretty good too and moz sounded wonderful, "yes I am blind" sounded beautiful, can't wait for some Scottish/ north of England gigs to be announced, looking forward to going to the gigs having a good night and really enjoying myself, that's what it's all about after all, something that barleycorn & co seem unable to do

This Harming Man

I half hoped his "follow up to Viva Hate" comment was an indication of the style of the album, but it seems to be a joke of sorts.

"Each time you vote you support the process." What a f***ing idiot he has become. Brand's influence has obviously been more significant than possibly could have been feared. Like Brand himself Morrissey seems to denounce democracy, as imperfect as it is, without putting forward an alternative.

I suppose "The rich must profit and get richer / And the poor must stay poor." is Morrissey's version of "Imagine no possessions." just exchanging an agreeable Ascot pile with an LA mansion. I'm not sure if I could walk past a merchandising stall selling shirts at $35 a pop and then stand in an auditorium being told by the richest person in the room that the system doesn't work, without heckling. He's become a gobsmacking hypocrite.

Musically WPINOYB is a plod. The vocal hook is OK, but the lyric is childlike in its naivety. Perhaps it will grow in stature when the studio version is released. A worrying taste of things to come. These are nervous times. He needs a return to form, and as an early indicator this is not very promising.
I hate to admit it, but your comments are spot on. Lyrically, the new material is verging on self-parody. Musically, it's generic and forgettable. Truly, truly disappointed. And I understand his passion for animal rights, but forcing his die hard lifelong fans to sit through Meat Is Murder with that horrific video two tours in a row is just rude.


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Anyone expecting what they term 'a return to form' or a record of the magnitude of 'Vauxhall' or 'Arsenal' is, sadly, clinging to the past. I'll take whatever I get. I liked 'Quarry', 'Ringleader' and 'Refusal' right enough. Except, each of those three records had one song on them I really detested and despised. It's surely better to truly hate just one song than to feel indifferent to the whole LP?


Can anyone tell me if the shirts have the tour dates on the back? And if so, which ones.


Truth hurts sometimes Ryan. But - IT IS THE TRUTH
Wrong, it's your truth.
The truth of a emotionally retarded musically repressed baffoon.
Don't pass it off on us thanks.

grant gauld

who really cares about the people who don't like his new material,do you think moz gives a flying f**k what u think.
the wonders of the deluded continues.


Anyone expecting what they term 'a return to form' or a record of the magnitude of 'Vauxhall' or 'Arsenal' is, sadly, clinging to the past. I'll take whatever I get. I liked 'Quarry', 'Ringleader' and 'Refusal' right enough. Except, each of those three records had one song on them I really detested and despised. It's surely better to truly hate just one song than to feel indifferent to the whole LP?
Thanks for sharing your innermost insecurities, please don't project them on me or anyone else though.
You had a glimpse off you tube and presume to know what, not only you but, the entire world will, should and must think of a an album as yet unreleased.


My secret's my enzyme.
Just back from show. Random comments- ill try to remember as much i can:

He looked great- seemed less chatty as someone said, and seemed
pretty serious.
At one point the lights were onthe crowd and he said "oh Good God!"
Another point someone kept yelling "thank you for not canceling" and at the same time another yelled "we love you" and he said "shut up shut up"

He received one hand drawn I love you morrissey paper and 2 cards and (what seemed reluctantly) accepted some flowers. Folks from the tiers threw flowers one landed on me and the guy next to me threw it and got it onstage.
No shirt change no shirt toss.

At one point I can't recall after which song Moz shook about 6? Hands in the front saying "good evening" with each one
Another point he gave the mic and I can't even recall exactly what was said I think it was I love you, you're my dream boy and he seemed to smile? And I think another I love you. As mentioned he did offer one person to introduce the band which he ended up doing "put something together " and "squeeze something" ..

The first invasion was during pigsty a blond guy got onstage and gave him a hug and I think one more person got on.
It was during the final ODGWBF it seemed like pandemonium one guy got his shirt ripped off by security and proceeded to hug Moz then it seemed like more and more people rushed the stage and had Moz tightly held to be honest for a second I worried Moz fell into the pit then I saw him walk off the stage.
I was incredibly bummed it ended so abruptly but understand.

A few minor lyric changes that come to mind correct me
If I'm wrong in gang lord "get your fat ass back to the ghetto" and in MiM " kill eat kill eat" and then "the meat in your big fat mouth"...

Lots of merch WPONOYB totes, Moz is my Shepherd tee, blue T with the recent light suit and pink tie gorgeous, an Oscar Wilde one, mouse pad, mugs, lots of different t's.

Close to me mexican flag was being held up

At one point during Asleep Moz stopped singing - not sure if he choked up or listening to people yelling or what - but he picked it back up.

Boz wearing East LA shirt others wearing Los Feliz t's
Moz wearing dark denims, black and brown shirt zip front, and blazer with red pin on lapel, large cross necklace at one point I think during IHFJ he held the cross and referenced it.
Thank you.
Asleep proves his genius.

For those who aren't moved by the new songs, I imagine it's because your lives have moved on and his has not.

For those who are claiming that some on here want him to fail, I don't know if you'll recall Bruce's A Chance To Shine fanzine because live reviews accused him of being 'artless' and 'wobbly' back then and that was 20 years ago.

Few late career works are regarded as being on a par with an artist's 'classic' work at the time of it's release.


Full versions of WPINYB songs:

-World Peace is None of Your…:

-Earth is the Loneliest Planet:

-The Bullfighter Dies:

Apologies if these have been posted already.
Onstage in San Jose a late-middle age man sings "Yes, I Am Blind" and then "The Bullfighter Dies". The tragedy is that the singer cannot hear a world of difference between one song and the next. Nor can most of the audience, intoxicated as they are by memories of when a younger Morrissey exhibited talent and originality. Elsewhere, admirers of his previous work sigh and resign themselves to the new reality. It will always be fun to attend a Morrissey performance, if only for the nostalgic glow. Even though the audience footage is poor-quality, it's clear he will always deliver a show that is "quite good". A few beers, a road-trip to a few cities with your mates: what's not to like? But his best days as a lyricist and vocal melody writer are clearly long gone. And that's surely sad.

"World Peace Is None Of Your Business" A multi-millionaire ex pop-star is watching CNN in a luxury hotel suite. It depresses him so he writes a polemical lyric advising his cult 'clueless consumer' fans to withdraw from political activity, as politics is pointless. Taxation is also pointless. They are "poor fools". He finds an old cassette tape with a dull leaden thumping track which he absent-mindedly drones the lyrics along to. It takes about 20 minutes to finish, which is good as room service will soon be arriving with his dinner.

"Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" A multi-millionaire ex pop-star has switched off the telly in a luxury hotel suite. He notices that he has failed to find love and concludes that the universe is to blame. He is moved to write yet another lyric signalling to his cult 'clueless consumers' that romantic love is pointless and/or unachievable. If they have married and had children, they are misguided. He makes a note to invite Kristeen Young back into the fold as she also has no truck with successful marital arrangements and progeny type stuff.

"The Bullfighter Dies" A multi-millionaire ex pop-star switches the telly back on in a luxury hotel suite to watch a documentary on bull-fighting but it's in Spanish so he switches it off. His suite has a small library. He flicks distractedly at a poem by Federico García Lorca called "Lament for Ignacio Sánchez Mejías" which was mentioned in the documentary, but it's too complicated and gives him a head-ache. He picks up his pencil and The Muses strike. He writes the definitive lyric about this annoying sport.

Years later he remembers this astonishing burst of creativity and summons his band to a recording studio. In the limousine he realises he has put the wrong lyric to the wrong cassette. The 'Spanish-y' tune has somehow gotten the lyric about doomed romantic love when he meant to use its faux-flamenco for the Bullfighter one. Then he remembers he was a bit pissed the night he composed these staggering works of heart-breaking genius. He sighs and decides it doesn't matter anyway. His cult 'clueless consumer' fans will lap it up like everything else as they are 'poor fools' who pay taxes. And 'rebel' by purchasing concert tickets and CDs to listen to 'protest singers' in the "Bread and Circuses" economy of collapsing empire:


Question: would an unknown artist who wandered in off the street get a record deal on the strength of People Are The Same, Action, Looker, Scandinavia, Ganglord, Art-Hounds, World Peace, Loneliest Planet or Bullfighter?

Smartass comments like that, whether “rhetorical” or not, are both dumb and redundant. Firstly you could make similar accusations about recent material by Bowie, McCartney, The Stones et al, but I'm afraid such accusations neither diminish nor damage their artistic legacy. You could equally say that Moz, Bowie, McCartney wouldn't win American Idol or X Factor, but that wouldn't diminish their artistic legacy either. You could also say that the majority of modern bands that do get signed (and the music that they release) is crap and that A&R guys know nothing – and others would disagree. Because all art and taste is purely subjective. There are no objective absolutes and your opinion is merely that: your opinion. And opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.

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