San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Oct. 3, 2019) post-show

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Panic / Alma Matters / Hairdresser On Fire / Suedehead / Satan Rejected My Soul / Home Is A Question Mark / Morning Starship / Wedding Bell Blues / Lady Willpower / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / I Wish You Lonely/ Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself / That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Back On The Chain Gang / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / The Bullfighter Dies / Never Again Will I Be A Twin / Some Say I Got Devil / Jack The Ripper // Everyday Is Like Sunday / How Soon Is Now?

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Show was amazing! Can't believe he opened with panic. He was in very good spirits. Even ripped off his shirt a tossed it into the crowd. Sure he gained some weight, but ended it shirt less and looked great . His voice was definitely on point.
Just to nit pick a little bit, hasn't Moz been throwing his shirt for years now? I distinctly remember him doing it for the Southpaw Tour and practically every tour since, ok maybe not every concert but surely for many. I think he tossed his shirt during the Kill Uncle tour in Dublin twice in '91. Maybe he did it with The Smiths, I can't remember cos I never saw them live, unfortunately. Woulda/coulda/shouda.

vegan cro spirit 777

LOL, sorry about trashing your 'poetry', but a vest (in the UK - where God Moz, & I, are from) is an item worn next to the skin, underneath a shirt. It's considered a bit of an old fashioned item of clothing, not worn by the majority these days.

A waistcoat on the other hand is not intended to be worn against the skin.
It generally forms part of a 3-piece suit of clothing (jacket, trousers, & waistcoat) traditionally worn as formal business wear, or even 'Sunday best' for those who attend church on a regular basis. It's worn over the shirt, but underneath the jacket. They come in/go out of fashion as dictated by the fashion industry.

"A waistcoat, like a vest, is also a garment that covers the upper body and is sleeveless.
It is similar in this as well as the look it gives when worn.
In fact, a waistcoat is referred to as a vest in American English.
However the two are not the same in their true sense."

Seems as if it's one of those things which have been Americanised, much like a water dispenser 'tap' in the UK, has became a 'faucet'...which I've never truly understood the origins of, but...whatever.

Oy. its the wee pizza pop ya ya dork.:lbf:

its a vest, cowboys wear vests not waistcoasts.:crazy:


That’s a gilet.

Yes, I think yr right HL...there are no buttons hence my saying it didn't strictly fit the description of a waistcoat, which generally has 2/3 front buttons, plus a ribbon type adjusting fastener at the back.

A gilet (jee-lay) is an outer garment (I've seen them padded or faux-fur worn by men & women), whereas a waistcoat isn't intended as an outer garment, as it's to wear beneath the jacket of, say, a 3-piece suit.

However, ppl do wear waistcoats without the jacket, especially in business/office environments once they've arrived & dispensed with their jacket, here in the UK anyway.

Moz makes them look very stylish & much better than Gareth Southgate (England football [soccer] manager) who brought them back to ppls attention during the last world cup, where he wore them more or less to every match.


Oy. its the wee pizza pop ya ya dork.:lbf:

its a vest, cowboys wear vests not waistcoasts.:crazy:

Ah you see VCS that's where it all went wrong...over in the 'states', cowboys would never admit to wearing a 'waistcoat'...and they would have no use for buttons either.

The only cowboys I've seen here in UK are double glazing salesmen...who mostly wore suits, some 2 piece, some 3-piece, the latter with waistcoat. Just saying, amigo.


should I take him an eye patch as a present?! do you think he'll wear it throughout the concert?! do you think he'll go arggghhhhh matey?!
I think he would.. in a sort of mr crabs way....


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Great encore, but one thing I've noticed watching these tour clips over a period of time, Boz never gets the guitar bit totally 'right'...I've just compared a Smiths live version with this, and Boz is always slightly 'off'...I mean the signature high pitched guitar bit before Moz starts singing 'I am the son, & the heir'...or is it just my ears?

Strange that you say that, I'd kinda thought so too & it is noticeable when compared to that smiths clip

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