San Diego, CA - North Park Theatre (Aug. 20, 2015) post-show

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Suedehead / Alma Matters / Staircase At The University / Ganglord / Speedway / Kiss Me A Lot / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Let The Right One Slip In / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / What She Said / First Of The Gang To Die / The Bullfighter Dies / Now My Heart Is Full / Will Never Marry / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Istanbul / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / Meat Is Murder // Everyday Is Like Sunday

setlist provided by ROBERTBOYRACER and sdsuedehead

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No, Nancy is too busy backstage stirring the marinara sauce for the post show meal.

He didn't say any words in Mexican anonymous "pendejo" He may have screamed 'GRACIAS' once and of course he played the gimmick song "first of the gang" so all you bacon wrapped hot dog eating pieces of shit can think he is singing directly to you because it has the words "gang" and "hector". Stay in LA and your gang Krazy Boy Eastsider Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog Eaters Varrio 13.
Ok David Tseng stop the charade, jealousy won't get you through the doors.
He dropped all the royalty bashing stuff...unless I was too in the zone to notice.

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There were no seats you fucktard. It was sold out. Why do I bother...
Not to mention from the get go, you could barely hear any music since the crowd sang so loudly.
it was sold out, no seats. not a terribly big venue, mind you, crowd around 600 or so, packed with a bit of wiggle room tho.
Hooray! What a lovely line : 'I will advise / until my mouth dries...'

According to Passions Just Like Mine: Let the Right One Slip In '...has only been done live once by Morrissey, on 25 November 1992.'

What song would you like to see return to the fold? I vote for 'Lost'.
Absolutely any song from the Kill Uncle album !!!!
Wow, he really does seem to have been in fine pep. That's a different kind of energy than I've seen him sing that song with before. Those are some particularly whippy hand gestures!

And what fun to see Let the Right One Slip In. What a feelgood song to sing along to. What a treat it would be if he were to leave that one in the rotation for a while, even if only semi-regular rotation.

Only five World Peace songs - that's nice. That number has come down from a while back. More room for more great stuff.

My entry into the Return To The Fold song contest here would maybe be Bigmouth. There's something about the combo of hard charging energy, persecution sarcasm, and saucy humor in that one that's so great in concert. Maybe also National Front Disco. I would just feel so great. What a interesting and contrasting mix of feelings in that one, and such varied composition. The crowd would be so into it.
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The stage access was pretty easy on the right. I could've realized a silly dream of jumping up there and planting a kiss, but three days before in the Larry King interview he said the stage was the one place nobody could interfere with him and I'm not a dick so...

I can't go to Visalia, entertaining a family friend from South Africa in Vegas all weekend. Next Cali leg. :cool: For those going to Visalia they have a super sweet downtown with some ace Mexican food restaurants. The gateway to the Sequoias if you're into hiking. It's too fucking hot though.
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