Discussion in 'Tour' started by Uncleskinny, Oct 8, 2019.

By Uncleskinny on Oct 8, 2019 at 5:38 AM
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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Uncleskinny, Oct 8, 2019.

    1. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, quickest way to find out if someone is one of your pseudonyms. ask it to curse Islam.
      they cant do it. its like asking a vampire to kiss a crucifix.
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    2. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777
      THIS IS VERY TRUE:thumb:
      the perfect test to find out if someone posting is a Skinny pseudonym:lbf:
      they all love Islam.:turban:
    3. Anonymous
      I have no faith.
      I care not about other people's faith.
      If religion and faith help others get through their lives ! So be it. None of my beeswax.

      "There's only one
      Human race
      Many faces
      Everybody belongs here"
      (Tim Booth/James)

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    4. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, Tim Booth is a tap dancing imbecile.
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    5. Anonymous
    6. Anonymous
      Awww no.2, or no.3 clone getting uppity?
      Child like language again?
      Nappy change time?

      If we don't 'exist on this site next year', it'll be our choice to leave owing to being totally booooored with reading all the clone/clown 'ad infinitum, ad nauseam' posts on here.

      In the meantime, we'll just keep popping in every now & again to see how you're all doing. :anchor:
    7. Surface
      Awww look, an Anon coward has plucked up the courage to make a post.
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    8. PuppetParrot
      Skinny, you have been using your anon log ins non stop for the last few days. Those will be alive and well next year Im sure.
      Also, why are you stalking Simon? Keeping up with his Twitter, are you jealous of him?
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    9. Anonymous
      'A' 'non' sums him up nicely I think....who is Simon btw?
    10. PuppetParrot
      Skinny is obsessed with Simon from BRS. Follows him on social media and keeps tabs on his activities. If Simon is banned from Twitter he is elated, putting aside his 'love of free' speech.
      All this because Simon is now the acknowledged Moz expert replacing old skin Skinny.
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    11. Anonymous
    12. Anonymous
      Inneresting indeed. Here's a response to the question of who tf is this Simon/BRS guy, from Skinny way back in 2015:

      "A social media experiment by one Simon Wratten to check for fan gullibility. Involves multiple, multiple aliases of himself carrying out self-referential conversations. A laughing-stock of a man. Watch him come on this thread and abuse everyone soon."

      Identical MO that Skinny deploys, together with an accurate description of Skinny, using Skinny's own words:
      (A laughing-stock of a man. Watch him come on this thread and abuse everyone soon." ).
      Reader meet author.
    13. PuppetParrot

      Exactly, things are finally being clarified as to Skinny and his multiple aliases and pseudonyms. It would not surprise if it turns
      out the 'Simon' posts its actually Skinny, using the opportunity that he remains the top Moz expert despite being banned by Moz himself.
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    14. Anonymous
      Plot thickens...keep us up to speed PP
    15. MoneyChangesEverything
      Whoa, it's gonna blow your mind when you realise that even if Skinny does have a gazillion aliases, I'm not one of them.
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    16. PuppetParrot
      Speaking of the devil...
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    17. AztecCamera
      I reckon you fucking dumb foreign cunt tit wackers. The California Son doesn't give a shit what people in the u k or any other foreign country think about him as long as you keep buying merch from the mporiumuk so he doesn't need to go to your backwards McDonalds eating foreign lands and get your money. How many times can you let a guy shit on you and then buy his records and merch? He was in the Smiths for 4 years and you clamber on to this guy and still think he is Brittish when he was born in Verdugo Hills Hospital He has been duping you for 30 years. What did you people do to him when he was in Brittin to make him still hold a grudge against you and hate Brittish people so much when the dude is 60 years old inn nn nnn nnn nn nnn n n n nnn n nnn n nn it? Go home!!!!
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    18. Anonymous
      Been there, done it. Sports Arena holds maybe 15,000. 80-90 % full stands and same for floor. Less than half arena not used and sectioned off. About 10,000 atleast. Good crowd....even better show. Bella Morrissey..Bella.
    19. Anonymous
      This is too complex a list ! Your far too kind "reel", giving them that much credit. Just shove it off the patio and do it promptly !
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