Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot (July 18, 2015) post-show

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By davidt on Jul 19, 2015 at 5:30 AM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    Suedehead / Alma Matters / Staircase At The University / Ganglord / Speedway / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Kiss Me A Lot / Istanbul / Now My Heart Is Full / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Will Never Marry / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / First Of The Gang To Die / I Will See You In Far-Off Places / The Bullfighter Dies / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / What She Said / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday // The Queen Is Dead

    setlist provided by Eurydice

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 19, 2015.

    1. docinwestchester
    2. Anonymous
      Morrissey says something nasty, person defends themself quite rationally and without being offensive
      Morrissey personally insults his original target with hateful comments.

      Morrissey is a nasty bully. Borderline facist, only happy when everyone is like him. He's gone mad. I'm out.
    3. BrummieBoy
      Bitter old troll Morrissey reduced to trying to hitch a ride on Ed Sheeran's mega-popularity. He's in Utah in what looks like a school sports hall. Ed is playing 3 nights at Wembley (240,000 tickets sold) and 2 nights at Croke Park (160,000 tickets sold). We must all hope that the Ed is gracious enough to respond to Morrissey The Troll to try and help shift the unsold tickets at London Eventim Hammersmith.

      Update: You can still get 6 x Standing tickets for Morrissey's show on Monday, but 10 days after the box-office opens you can only get 1 standing ticket in the 'pit' for Sunday! But don't worry, still 6 x Standing tickets are STILL available upstairs.

      This just proves that it's Quality not Quantity that matters. Ed may have sold mega-multiples of tickets but that's not important. What's important is that Ed defers to Morrissey's 'historic' 'Iconic' status. Ha! Ha!

      If only Morrissey had been True to You with regard to his own principles and not treated so many other musicians and producers like shit, he would have been a truly global star. Like Ed Sheeran. But he's just an old windbag C List celeb desperately trying to get noticed. He's taking a long time updating his #QueenElizardbeastIsANazi schtick after yesterday's Sun article. Let's see how he now blames a 7 year old child for being taught to salute Hitler, just as he blamed a sick princess for a mentally ill nurse's suicide. And offered the view that Madonna would use her orphan son, David Banda, as handbag material. Really, 'kiss my ass' is tame, he needs to up his game if he wants another Smurf-Troll Oscar on his mantelpiece. What a wanker he's turned out to be.

    4. Anonymous
      Sorry, but saying "What Morrissey said is bollocks" doesn't qualify as defending oneself rationally in my book. I'm out on you, and this website since the last post-show thread about Red Rocks was one of the worst in recent times. The venue was sensational and special, there were great opening acts and it was quite an event but there were hardly any comments about it here. Just trolls and people who discuss off-topic or minor stuff.
    5. Anonymous
      Jesus, it's hardly insult of the year. More like 'you hit me with a flower'. Morrissey is absolutely right. Most modern pop music is bland and plastic.
    6. Eric Hartman
      Eric Hartman
      Dear Morrissey,

      "Life is never kind," you once sang. It sure has been kind to you though. What a shame you don't appreciate everything you have been given. What happened? You seem to be so angry at the world, no, make that the universe. Bitternes and resentment radiate from you like nuclear deathrays once did from the town of Tsjernobyl. And I wonder why. I truly do.

      The reason you hate the Royal Family is quite obvious. They are worshipped and admired simply for who they are, and you can't stomach that, can you? That's a fate that should have befallen you, isn't it? You seem to think it's your birthright, but sadly it isn't. You are not royalty, although you sure behave that way! You have to record albums, tour and sing to be admired. And you act like it's a fate worse than death. Your setlists during recent tours reflect the resentment you feel for your audience and fans. That's why we turn away from you. Just like every major record company is doing. We just can't stand you trolling us. And frankly, we don't deserve it.

      By the way, the majority of songs on your last album is really awful. Plodding funeral marches!

      I know this message isn't kind. I am aware of that. But you need to hear this. I offer you my sincere advice: get therapy and start working on your psychiatric issues. Start with the narcissism. Fix yourself. And for the love of God, get rid of the Yes-men you have surrounded yourself with. They don't have your best interest at heart, only their own wallets. Start working with people who are not afraid to voice their opinion, even if you don't like it or don't want to hear it. If a song is shite, don't release it. Listen to your friends, not your entourage. Your friends can probably help you balance out your warped political views as well.

      As far as your health is concerned, although I'm not a doctor, it seems to me you show all kinds of side-effects of longtime use of antidepressants: the profuse sweating, the damaged immune system, the moodswings, the heavy drinking. Please, get that checked out and do something about it. Start working out (running, swimming) and take a decent pro-biotic amongst other things. Make life bearable for yourself again. It can be done without medication.

      I sincerely hope you will see better days and will be able to take your career of life support and make great music once again. If you want my help or just want to talk, well, you know how to reach me.

      Your friend,

      Eric Hartman
    7. Anonymous
      Dear Eric,

      Kiss my ass.

      Your friend,
    8. Anonymous
      No one cares and the bitter old troll is you darling.
    9. BrummieBoy
      Dear Morrissey

      GO AWAY! For 10 years. Like Bowie. #GetALife like he did. If not a family (adopting orphans if you can't bear to breed) then find something else to do that isn't ABSOLUTELY BORING AND OBVIOUS. Dragging your fat ass around the ovens of the Mid-West whilst trying to troll young pop stars like Ed Sheeran is both hilarious and sad to watch.

      You have spent 33 years making a fool of yourself singing 'Meat Is Murder' whilst gorging on cheese, which involves more suffering, rape, abuse and murder than beef. You know this and have admitted the facts, but only as a passive-aggressive attack on Eavis, without explaining why you submitted to that censorship, didn't protest at the time and haven't confessed your sins against cows and made a fresh start in the Garden Of Vegan. And now the final mix of #VegAnarchyInTheUK is done, it's too late to save yourself. Your choice. Not ours.

      You have now worked longer at trying (and failing) to achieve #GlobalReligiousFame than your peers have spent in the Tax Office you briefly shared with them. You display all the signs of a workaholic, fixated on career goals which you clearly see in terms of Bottom Line numbers related to products sales. CDs. Concert tickets. Given the epicFAIL! sales figures at Eventim, isn't it time you woke up and sniffed the coffee, rather than sniffing Ed's arse trying to get his attention?

      If there is nobody around you who can stage a Managed Intervention and get you to see how ludicrous a 56 year old has-been sounds ranting about young pop stars needing to 'kiss my ass' then you will fall into ever more dismal circles of hellish ridicule.

      IMnotsoHO your last album was potentially your best, until it became obvious that your engagement with the world's crises was just another Radical Chic appropriation so you could get back to your real mission: to fill arenas (if not Wembley Stadium and Croke Park like Ed) and be acknowledged as some kind of Iconic figure in pop music. You are no such thing.

      The only people in the media who pander to this nonsense are those who are on the same post-Punk retirement gravy train as you, selling fake Rebel Yell nonsense through memoirs, anecdotes on late-night telly programmes and the rest of the Boomer detritus which you are the figurehead for. The ONLY reason you have not been savaged by the Media Establishment is because they are hedging their bets over a SMITHS REUNION which would be a Cash Cow for them as well as for you. I have no doubt you will now give in and do such a reunion. You have become the very thing you railed against.

      Get Off Of The Stage. Forever, or at least until you have something other than your regal Victim Script to foist on us yet again. It's beyond tired, beyond parody.'s very funny to watch you implode so spectacularly ....*popcorn*

      Last edited: Jul 19, 2015
    10. Anonymous
      Says bitter old troll, fraud, hypocrite and failed "challenger" Bummie.
    11. Anonymous
      Shut your gob GOBB. It's hilarious - you happily scream Fuck Morrissey at the drop of your testicles but when he says Kiss My Ass Ed you get your vegan knickers in a twist! Hypocrisy Mon Amour!

      Hate to break it to ya but Morrissey won't read your Epic Fail epistle. Do you still write to Santa care of the North Pole to make all the bad people go away in this bad bad world?
    12. BrummieBoy
      The same Royal Wee that Morrissey mimics with his absurd regal pronouncements, only to fall on his arse with 'kiss my ass' kick-ass outbursts in Utah, of all places.

    13. Anonymous
      Very true. He really is.
    14. Anonymous
      Correct you are.
    15. bhops
      The 'free speech' experiment has now officially I think reached its nadir. This site is still great for updating any news and all things Morrissey related but the forums and message boards are just a mess.

      I sometimes wonder if Brummie, Benny etc are actually trolls sent direct from Team Morrissey because they are slowly but surely killing this site.

      I have to admire Brummie's stamina, he just goes at it, day after day, post after post, although he's at the stage now where he must be copying and pasting much of it (such is the regurgitated nature) but he is doing his master's work well and strangling the life out of Solo. It's awesome to watch this kind of obsession at work.

      Bravo chaps and well played chaps, somewhere Morrissey is smiling and silently applauding your work.
    16. Anonymous
      Sometimes I think that, too. But who has so much free time and energy for such crap? Time is too precious, you know (Though it would be ace in a twisted sort of way). I also ask myself regularly what is left for registered users to read once they blocked all the trolls. It can't be much to be honest.
    17. BrummieBoy
      Morrissey can kiss my ass/arse. It's been an unrelenting joy to expose him as a total Crank Fraud over Animal Advocacy. That's why we came here, #ForTheAnimals. His Cult are an amusing phenomenon but even most of them now realise it was all snakeoil and smoke and mirrors. When #VegAnarchyInTheUK *drops* on 9/11 next year, Morrissey's Legacy will be #LaughingStock #TearsOfAClown . There's still time for him to mitigate the damage by issuing a sincere 'Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa' about the animals he sentenced to death over the last 33 years to eat cheese, then he might survive the firestorm, but we don't care. He is just as haughty and arrogant as the British Royals, thinks himself above Common People who are only of use to him as 'fans', thinks he can censor this site, harass the Site Proprietor and get away with it. Not whilst BrummieBoy was watching from the sidelines, devising a plan to bring this vain man's alabaster crashing down. "Six months is a long time"'ve been going around in ever decreasing circles for 33 years, mate. "Get Off Of The Stage" Etc.

    18. Anonymous
      Dear Tosserrey

      Kin hell ! It's not looking good is it ?
      How many times have we tried to tell you you've taken a wrong turn ?
      You just wouldn't listen would you ?
      Instead you turned to that evil snake 'yes boss' Boorer. He has a lot to answer for in your car crash career in my opinion. He is responsible for tunes and the band and my God it shows when we listen to world piss. YOU AND THIS TIN POT BAND are to blame for where you find yourselves this morning ! NOT EDD SHEERAN, THE QUEEN, SAM SMITH, PRINCE WILLIAM, GHOST OF BRUMMIE BOY, JAMIE OLIVER, KATE MIDDLETON, GORDON RAMSEY, THE PAPER BOY, BENNY THE BRITISH BUTCHER, PRINCE CHARLES, PRINCE HARRY, MADONNA , THE PRIME MINISTER, HARVEST RECORDS, ETC ETC !

      Sack "the band" and 4koff with Damon for a good few years to get your shit together like that wonderful Manchester band James did. Manchester is so proud of them lads. Pride of the North unlike you, Jesus Christ ! I never in my wildest dreams thought you would end up so pathetic, reduced to a product that responsible dog owners pick up in a plastic bag.
      You are the wizard of Moz, you have been found out Steven for being a CrankFraud singing meat is murder, showing animal snuff footage whilst eating cheese and egg sandwiches washed down with cow milky tea back stage.
      I wish you well with Kerrygold and you're latest label bbc cuntryfile. ( God help them).

    19. bhops
      What you don't seem to realize is that you will never win because the songs (which is all that really matters at the end of the day) will survive, Morrissey, will survive his eccentricities, his bi-polar outbursts and will easily survive whatever 'debunking' you will achieve via your 4000+ (and skyrocketing) posts on this site.

      Do you seriously believe that in 20 years time when some teenage kid discovers the music of The Smiths or Morrissey they are gonna give 2 shits about your posts on this site? Morrissey's legacy lies in his lyrics and his records not from what he posts on TTY. There is zero you can do to destroy to tarnish that.

      All the best,

      Your eternal fan.

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