Saint Etienne artwork / Song Map - Smiths references

Saint Etienne's new album 'Words and music' uses artwork from from a Song Map - the artwork is slightly different from the poster (it looks like the next page in the a-z) but Maudlin St is featured on the album sleeve (very bottom edge near left hand corner)


The map itself (not the album sleeve) features a number of Smiths / Morrissey references (including Back to the Old House)

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It must be a slow news day... I posted this as one of those obscure nuggets that belongs in the strange / unexpected references thread, now it's escalated to front page :)

Now I look again at the sleeve, you can clearly see 'Cemetry Gates' (spelt the 'correct' way) in the middle of the picture

Being the nerd that I am, I will probably buy the Saint Etienne album because of the references - the poster was released a year or so ago and has been mentioned a few times on the forums as it contains a few Smiths references - I bought it and will get round to framing it at some stage it is a really nice item.



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Picadilly...Battersea, so many stret or parks or parts of a city mentioned in Smiths en Morrissey solo's lyrics

Bet they could make an album with alone , the above mentioned, all lyrics from the Smiths and Morrissey

Dagenham, many to mention

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As a long time fan/admirer of St Etienne, I got my copy last week. Morrissey, the Manic Street Preachers, St Etienne. Bands which I've grown up with. Become older with. These bands have lasted longer than friendships that I've had.

The St Etienne album is great. A return to their quite dancey pop days. Beautifully produced. Beautifully sung. This album will be nudging it's way into my top five albums of 2012. Morrissey has six months left to claim the number one spot.
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