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Here is the original picture of the sailor used for the Radio2 gig backdrop last week.

I don't know who he is, who took the picture, whereabouts or when. I searched for ages and finally found it Google after searching 'sailor cigar'.

Does anyone know the font used to write "REFUSAL" on his chest 'cos I want to use it as a print for a t-shirt.


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Re: BBC Radio2 Sailor backdrop

Maybe a reference to the same gesture Morrisseys did (sans cigar and hat, but with sweater on) during the Travis Shinn photoshoot.

What would happen to the frinkers if Moz decided to reenact the other pics on robs (= Artydesigns) flickr - stream... Good grief :p :lbf:

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Re: BBC Radio2 Sailor backdrop

"There's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose who knows...".

Any suggestions on the font? I want it to be as accurate as possible.

Courier family. 'Bold' or 'Normal' will probably depend on the type and printing quality.
Tour Of Refusal/back drop scene/sailor man

Hi everybody !

I am desperately searching for the thread where someone has posted a nice picture of the "sailor man" who's on the back drop scene for the tour :(

Please can someone help me ? :confused:

Thanks in advance :thumb:


Re: Tour Of Refusal/back drop scene/sailor man



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Re: BBC Radio2 Sailor backdrop

Is that official? Where are the profits going? My daughter did the same thing, I was going to offer it to fans cost only, like the ones before.

Re: BBC Radio2 Sailor backdrop

It's not official... I'm just an out of work graphic designer who had of extra time this morning.

I'm making about a buck fifty per shirt, so they're not at cost, but I assure you that whatever bit I earn through this is going toward groceries and rent.


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Re: BBC Radio2 Sailor backdrop

I made a DIY version before the pic was discovered...

b-but moz ain't backdrop sailor ghey is he?
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