Morrissey Central "SADDURDAY" (September 22, 2022)



I always thought it was “ROMANTIC AND SQUARE IS HIP AND AWARE”
Can't be close to sold out......he's been cancelled after all, by some means other than his unusual self.
WHAT!!!! He has not cancelled the show??? Some peeps in here will have to find something else to complain about, set list maybe??

For those going, enjoy the show. I am jealous as I have to wait until November.
Potential debuts: ‘Kerouac Crack’, ‘Ha Ha Harlem’, ‘My Funeral’, ‘Diana Dors’, ‘I Ex-Love You’, ‘Saint In A Stained Glass Window’

Give him his due: Brendan certainly does his bit with social media.

Guess re: songs...
Possibly an Irish-specific cover as per previous?
Hi,is there a pre gig drink up or after party happening any where?
You could try the local Irexit club. I imagine you'd find a few Morrissey fans there or maybe try the local Anti-vax club just down the road.
Hope some will see it in their hearts to share parts of tonight's show; in that sense my "SADdurday" can be a tad less so. Consider me "all bits grateful" to those kind souls. Am I envious, yes, but I still cling to the hope that a stop closer to me will be announced soon(ish) 🙏 Sincerest wishes for a lovely show for Morrissey, the band, and of course, the attendees 🖤

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