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Last friday, I just had went to bed, waiting for my little girl to do the same and we were watching this small low budget but great little jewel TV show called "Tiempo De Consagrados" (Time For The Consecrated) which every friday shows rare videos and footage of artists from, I'd say, the 50s to the 70s. And it's wonderful!!! I mean, right after the Sacha Distel videos they showed footage of Edith Piaf singing!!! Alone and in a show!!! That extremely rare!!! And wonderful!!

Well, the story about Sacha is this: As I said, I was waiting for my daughter to come to bed with me and all of a sudden, while we were talking about anything, the show hostess starts telling a little bio: "Another great French singer of the sixties was Sacha Distel, who... blah blah blah" and when I heard his name I went like crazy!!! "Oooohhh Sacha Distel!!!" And I made zip it to my daughter... "Sshhhttt!! I want to hear this!! "What's the fuss mum"" "It's one of Morrissey's favorite singers!" And they showed 2 videos: One of them in B&W, I guess from the 60s, singing with Lara Fabian the French version of "Something Stupid" called "Ces Mots Stupides"...

I have to say I had the most beautiful surprise of my life in the last months or years... WHAT A BEAUTIFUL VOICE SACHA DISTEL HAD!!! And along with that, an observation: What a good taste on men Morrissey has, because... SACHA DISTEL WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL, MANLY, HANDSOME MAN... Really, I was stunned... So beautiful and the owner of a wonderful marvelous voice...

Then, as a second video, they showed footage from a French TV show where a young singer, whose name I can't remember, was singing a medley in a duet with Sacha, but then I realized he had died, because he appeared in old videos singing his parts, just like Natalie Cole and his father...

Anyway, I have to say and repeat, what a gorgeous man and singer Sacha Distel was... I was left in a state of joy and craziness because I felt a little closer to Morrissey in those 2 songs and because I discovered a new singer to listen to and add to my favorites... :D I was like: "Oooooohhhhh, what an emotion!!!!" And my daughter keeps thinking her mom is the craziest and most in love with Morrissey fan, hahaha...


which would you rather boyracer it not to be posted or posted in the wrong forum????worry about something important,the amount of anal,petty remarks on this site is unreal.


Steven Patrick I Love You
Well guys... I already complained in the Site Feedback and suggestions forums because I posted this on the General Discussion... BUT GUESS WHO MOVED IT!!! This has nothing to do with discussing Sacha Distel music, but just sharing a "Morrissey moment"... However nothing of this is understood rationally by some mods (I shall say just one...)

What if I posted this same text under another thread title?? I'm sure it wouldn't have been moved.

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