São Paulo - Espaço das Américas (Dec. 2, 2018) post-show

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William, It Was Really Nothing / Alma Matters / I Wish You Lonely / Is It Really So Strange? / Hairdresser On Fire / November Spawned A Monster / Break Up The Family / Back On The Chain Gang / Spent The Day In Bed / Sunny / If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look At Me / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Dial-a-Cliché / The Bullfighter Dies / How Soon Is Now? / Hold On To Your Friends / Life Is A Pigsty / Jack The Ripper / Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage // Everyday Is Like Sunday / First Of The Gang To Die

Setlist provided by Janice

  • Photos by Fernando Pires / Facebook (25 total). Link posted by Alexi.

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Help! I'm looking for the promo video of Buenos Aires posted here yesterday morning. It seems it was moved or something, can't find it :(


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I like him more when wearing casual clothes like t-shirts with a jacket rather than a suit. Usually when he plays in UK he wears a more serious outfit.


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Nice review ,
Morrissey is a light that never goes out
In amazing shows in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the British artist showed why it is more than a pop icon for his fans: it is an emotional compass

Felipe Machado

The success of an artist like morrissey today is a paradox. He does not have "Social Media presence", label exchange like who exchange clothes, does not like to give interviews and refuses to play his greatest hits at shows. Morrissey is an off-season icon, a character who seems to have left the pages of an Oscar Wilde book straight to the stage.

Or Better: would it be Stephen Patrick Morrissey, Irish blood and British heart, Oscar Wilde's own reincarnation? From an artistic point of view, the comparison is more than legitimate: it is organic. Ironic, talented and deep, at age 59 Morrissey is the Oscar Wilde of our days - and maintains with dignity the legacy of his master.

The two amazing shows that morrissey made in Brazil - Friday (30/12) in the foundry progress, in Rio de Janeiro, and Sunday (2/12) in the space of the Americas, in São Paulo - prove once again why Artist from Manchester, England, was chosen a few years ago in popular election by readers of the British newspaper the guardian "the greatest living English".

Morrissey's presence is something very, very special, almost religious. His fans (I included) are true devotees, but not an empty idol as usually happens in pop music: Morrissey fans do not just love his image, but the message that sustains it. Morrissey would have so many conditions to win the Nobel Prize for literature as Bob Dylan - perhaps more, if the Swedish Academy were less frown and understood better the devastating power of its irony.

I remember when I was in Europe and I saw a poster of Morrissey's tour, there by the 90. S next to his photo, the title "Morrissey in person" (Morrissey in person). That got me a lot of attention. If it was a show it was obvious that the artist would be there 'in person', no? But that's not just what the poster meant, at least not directly. By saying that morrissey would be 'in person', the poster drew attention to the incredible opportunity that people in that place would have to share the same physical space as Morrissey. He would be there, in person, and the audience that went to the show would have the privilege of breathing the same environment as him, inspiring himself with it, improving as a human being. That was the impression I had, and since then it has made a lot of sense Today, whenever I'm on a morrissey show, I remember this poster and I think, "He's here in person".

Morrissey in person

I watched the two morrissey shows of this 2018 Brazilian tour, with impeccable production of liberation MC. After all, I could not miss the opportunity to be in the same environment where he was - 'in person'. And despite the almost equal repertoire, the shows were unique. Morrissey's presence manifests in different ways on different stages, as well as cities and audiences as distinct as those of Rio and São Paulo.

In The River, Morrissey was more ironic. He spoke little, but he was humorous and came to release some ' GRACIAS ' - which led to criticism from the press (in São Paulo he spoke only ' obliged '). At another time, he said, " tomorrow I will drive to São Paulo... You Like São Paulo?" I was wanting to create a discord, certainly, maybe check if the rivalry still existed (there is no more, moz).

When he said he was going to drive to São Paulo, however, I thought it was a way to say it. He was being literal: while the band and the technical team traveled from the river, Morrissey and two aides came to São Paulo... by car. Why? Morrissey did not want to fly and took an excerpt from Rio-Santos because he was curious to see if the coast was similar to that of California, where he lives many years ago - his next album, which comes out in March, will be called ' California son .

The new album, in fact, has production of Joe Chicarelli, who has worked with u2, the strokes and Elton John, and will have the participation of singer Laura Pergolizzi, better known as LP. For those who were on the show, LP is the singer who appears in the intro video of the show singing 'lost on you' - the video is a compiled of artists chosen by Morrissey himself who brings underground clips of artists who go from ramones and David Bowie to Edith Piaf and Italian anoying singers of the 1950. S have a record called ' son of California ' and recorded at sunset sound in Los Angeles, is another blow of irony from the author of verses like ' everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent And Gray... '

' everyday is like Sunday ', which in São Paulo turned ' everyday is like... Sunday ', was the penultimate song of the show, which ended with ' first of the gang to die ', whose lyrics account for the personal tragedy From Latin Hector, who "was the first gang to carry armed, the first to be arrested... and the first to die". pure Morrissey.

I saw on social media some people complaining about the setlist of the shows in Brazil, since morrissey did not play classics from his former band, the smiths, as 'the boy with the thorn in his side' (the boy with the thorn on his side), 'there is a light that never goes out' (there is a light that never goes away) and panic, among others. To be honest, he did not even touch the greatest hits of his solo career, such as ' Suedehead ' (I am sooo sorry...), ' Irish blood English heart ' and ' Speedway ' (whose heaviest version I recorded on my solo album , 'FM', available here.

The truth is, it doesn't matter so much if a famous song is in the repertoire or not What matters is to respect what morrissey wants to sing. Because he will choose his favorite repertoire for that night, with famous songs or not, and will sing them with so much emotion and intensity that the chosen songs will immediately become successes for those who are watching. Remember: we are in front of Morrissey in person.

The Magician of moz

Moz (affectionate nickname as fans call him) played some of the smiths, like ' William, it was really nothing ', ' is it really so strange? ' how soon is now? ' despite still loving the Smiths (one of the high points of my career was interviewing guitarist Johnny Marr in 2015), I confess that today I like the solo phase of Morrissey. As a solo artist, he became an even bigger, more refined and scathing cultural icon, and one of the greatest artists on the planet.

Morrissey is also considered the "Best Creator of music titles" in history. Who else would dare compose a song called ' hairdresser on fire ', ' if you do not like me, do not look at me ', ' the bullfighter dies ', ' Munich air disaster, 1958 ', ' something is crushing my brain ' Jacky is only happy when he's on stage, and so on. This is not to mention a few that were left out of the repertoire, like ' the more you ignore the closer I get ' (when more you ignore me, closer I arrive) and ' we hate when our friends become for ' (we hate when our friends They are successful), 'whatever I love you' (whatever happens I love you), among others.

One of the high points of the show was also the cover of " back on the chain gang What a wonderful version! Charming, danceable, the song that was already delicious got even cooler. Before playing it, Morrissey announced, " the next song is in the first place of the vinyl charts in England... will someone touch the radio?", alfineta, criticizing the boycott that suffered from some English radios a few years ago . When the audience responds with laughter, he retorts: " what are you laughing at?".

Behind the stage, the technical team is all uniform with "Chain Gang" T-shirts. In Rio, the entire band was dressed in Black T-shirts with the return of the Black Panthers (The Black Panthers return). Internal joke? Social criticism? Nothing? We'll never know.

Later, in the last song of the show, he rips his own shirt, wipes the sweat off his face and plays for the audience, who fights the piece of cloth as a shroud of pop music. Morrissey is not holy, but he is deified.

To prove that successes are not so important in a morrissey show, I quote the example of a very obscure song from the album ' Ringleader of tormentors ', ' life is a pigsty ', which he sang at both shows to start, the title "life is a pigsty" is a very interesting metaphor for a convinced vegan and radical defender of animal rights. I, who didn't even remember the right of this 2005 song, I thought it was the high point of the show, the most exciting Follow the letter, in free translation:

" life is a pigsty / and if you don't understand this, what do you know about life? / I have lived every second of my life just to love you / you can give me a shot, you can throw me from a train, but I will keep that feeling / because life is a pigsty "

Sounds simple, doesn't it? But just imagine morrissey singing this melody dramatically, with that deep voice like the night, on the stage full of shadows... a lot comes to mind.

People we tried to love, but they didn't care about it.

People we would give life for, and yet for them we were never good enough.

People who inhabited our dreams, our hearts and minds, but that deep down did not deserve a breath of our feelings. And yet we kept them there, alive, lit inside us, even against our will. People who continued inside us until after they left...

'life is a pigsty', Morrissey.

Whatever happens, I love you. For being who you are and teaching us that music exists for us to enjoy and dance, but also to make reflect and help move forward. After believing that every day is Sundays, we find that life is an avalanche of Mondays. Beginnings. Rebirths. New stories, memories and feelings. A light and constant happiness, instead of an uncomfortable weight. After all, there's a light that never goes away.

Thanks, moz.

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