Ryan McGinley's photo tour with Morrissey plus Morrissey's favourite incense

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By Librarian On Fire on Jan 10, 2012 at 5:45 PM
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    Reading the December 2011 issue of GQ (American issue) I came across this in the feature on best stuff 2011,

    Ryan McGinley photographer

    "I travelled around the world with Morrissey in the mid 2000s for a project where I shot all of his fans, and he would burn this one incense everywhere he went. I really liked the idea of having a smell that people associate with me, so I got into candles. Le Labos's Santal 26 candles in particular. The smell like a campfire you'd make while wearing a leather jacket. I have them all over my apartment, my studio - even my tour bus".

    My Morrissey knowledge is pretty reasonable but I've never heard of this photographer, let alone this project. I'll go answer my own question and do some searchers, but does anyone know if the project went ahead?

    I wonder what scent the incense was? I somehow can't see it being a $3 packet of sandalwood from the markets.
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