Ryan Adams answer when asked "best run of great albums by a band/artist?"

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By solotwitter on Mar 5, 2018 at 10:13 PM
  1. solotwitter

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    Jul 9, 2013
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    1. Anonymous
      He's wrong. Anyone who doesn't like 'Golden Lights' deserves to be kneecapped immediately.
    2. Amy
      I'm making a list of shitty Smiths songs. I've come up with:

      Miserable Lie
      Jeane (Sorry, it could be good, but his voice is so flat and tuneless all the way through that I can't bear it)
      Meat is Murder (not really a 'song', is it?)
      Accept Yourself
      Death At One's Elbow
      Never Had No One Ever

      ....erm, that's it. Everything else was solid gold.
    3. Truth
      I always liked "Golden Lights." It wasn't my very favorite of all their work but I never skipped it. They made songs I do skip now, though I didn't at the time I was really listening to The Smiths.
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    4. gordyboy9
      Agree with you about miserable lie,jeane not great,like never had no one ever,like the music in death at ones elbow,accept yourself,not that keen.does any group have a one hundred percent hit rate,nah didn't think so.
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    5. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Fair list, indeed. I don't have much issue with "Accept Yourself" but the rest here I could do without. Though I do love both Sandie Shaw's and Billy Bragg's cover versions of "Jeane". And even Bragg's take on "Never Had No One Ever" is an improvement.

      Though, of course, Billy Bragg's voice is divisive in its own right. I'm a fan, personally.
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    6. reelfountain
      Never Had No One Ever is one of the Smiths best songs.
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    7. Peppermint
      You've got everything now
      Miserable lie
      Pretty girls make graves
      Accept yourself
      Girl afraid
      This night has opened my eyes
      I don't owe you anything
      Jeane (Morrissey vocals) - I love the song but I agree with Amy - his vocals are flat and tuneless here. I love the Sandie Shaw version, she seems to wring the maximum emotion from the (brilliant) lyrics and makes you really feel the desperation.

      It's a cliche but I think they got better as they went on. I find some of the early stuff a bit monotone - although Johnny's work was often still brilliant, I think it took until Meat is Murder for Morrissey to properly find his voice and confidence with vocal melodies.

      But I've got to disagree with others here, I think Never Had No-one Ever is a masterpiece!
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    8. Sarcasmos
      I would add Money Changes Everything and I Keep Mine Hidden. I'm not sure if they count but I also don't like the HoH versions of Charming Man, Still Ill, These Things Take Time, and You've Got Everything Now.
    9. Amy
      Morrissey's voice improved tremendously in the first couple of years - did he have formal lessons at one point?
      I'd love to hear present-day Morrissey have a go at "Jeane" - his voice is wonderful now.

      However, Girl Afraid?
      GIRL AFRAID? Pack it in! Johnny's work on that is incredible.
    10. Aznavour
      ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’ is my least favourite... ‘Jeane’ is a hidden gem!
    11. Anonymous
      And if you you have 8 or 9 hours spare
      Could you type up and list his solo shitty shite

      Spent the day w&&nking surely tops that list.

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    12. Peppermint
      :lbf: Yes, Johnny's work is incredible, but once Morrissey starts droning over it, it all goes to shit. Ah, yes, Jeane would be interesting now. Although the thing I often feel with Jeane is, despite having written those biting lyrics, Morrissey doesn't FEEL them because it's not a situation he's ever been in - ie it involves a relationship. With a woman (and we all know what he thinks about those). So I do wonder whether he could give it the required empathy, but it would be really interesting to find out.
    13. ACTON
      I think I agree with him. Golden Lights was defo a low point. I also much prefer The Draize Train to Money Changes Everything and wish it was included on greatest hits instead of Money.
      I never really liked Death At One's Elbow either. I always thought 'London' is a bit thrashy and noisy and tuneless but that was probably the point of it.
    14. Daddys Voice
      Daddys Voice
      I thought maybe Jeane never got a proper release because the music is far too similar to NY Dolls "Private World".
      They both would have noticed that before or after recording it.
    15. Peppermint
      Wow. Just checked that out. You're not wrong.
    16. gonzax
      Come on guys, Jeane is fantastic and so is Accept Yourself. Meat is Murder is great on the album, not so much live. "never..", "death at.." and "miserable lie" are probably my least favorite smiths tracks, still good though, they never made a bad song.
      And personally I love "Golden lights" and even more "Work is a four letter word"
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    17. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I like Golden Lights. Accept Yourself is a bit of a weak point, Meat is Murder in its original form didn't make much sense and Work is a Four Letter Word is their lowest point imo. That's just me being nit picky. But be honest, if you've got your vinyl playing do you really get the urge to skip a track? CD maybe. Not bad for six albums worth of material.
    18. 001
      @ Ryan Adams Ever heard of The Beatles?
    19. countthree
      The whole world did. Guess Babe has his personal opinion.

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