Ruth Polsky - The forgotten New Yorker who changed the 80s music scene - NY Post

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    The forgotten New Yorker who changed the ‘80s music scene - New York Post


    She’d even bring the good times home with her, often holding Gertrude Stein-esque dinner parties in her Houston Street apartment, where numerous hip bands would imbibe and socialize — or not, as the case could be.

    “I remember being at party at her place in 1983 when the Smiths were in town,” says Parker Dulany of Certain General, a New York-based post-punk band that Polsky managed. “Morrissey was in Ruth’s bedroom the whole time. Every so often, a hand would come out of the door, it would wiggle, someone would bring him a drink, and he’d go back inside the bedroom. He wouldn’t come out — like Marie Antoinette! He was such a primadonna!”

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Feb 8, 2017.

    1. ACTON
      Jesus but this is some weight of guilt to be carrying around: "A lot of my friends say that if I hadn’t forgotten my guitar, either Ruth would be alive, or we’d both be dead.” Tragic stuff.
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    2. countthree
    3. kissmyshadestoo
      Interesting. I don't recall mention of her in Johnny's book....or Morrissey's but could be having senior moment. Wikipedia states: "Ruth almost managed The Smiths in February 1984 [8]".....links to but the link is broken
    4. Anonymous
    5. gordyboy9
      wouldnt say he was a primadonna in 1983 think he was just really really shy,especially with, by their very nature loud americans,no offence to any americans looking in.huge difference between being shy and a primadonna.
    6. AztecCamera
      Reckon Uncle Steve was probably in the bedroom gettin' busy with a slut groupie. Reckon how many hot chicks Moz banged in his life, probably more than George Looney and Wilt Chamberlin.
    7. Anonymous
    8. Anonymous
      Mentioned in Johnny's book on pages 193 and 207-8

      I've just started Bernard Sumner's book and he mentions that the tour Joy Division were due to take of the States, cancelled due to Ian Curtis' death the day before the band were due to leave for NY, was organised by Ruth.
    9. Anonymous

      Well, that's what I always feel like doing at parties...hiding in the bedroom, drinking. In Morrissey's case I can totally believe it was due to shyness and I find that very endearing. He was still very young.

      :ahhh: :clap: :clap: :clap: :laughing: :censored: :drama: :screamcat: :loudspeaker: !!!!!

      (You are so polite, which is also endearing :tiphat:)
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    10. AztecCamera
      shyness, alone in bedroom, bucktoothed girl in Luckssemborg, yeah Steve go with it...It's a hit! Now go to the mporium UK and spend some L and stones.
    11. Man Alive
      Man Alive
      Mentioned extensively in Peter Hooks excellent New Order tome 'Substance'. They were quite the item and some very colourful stories therein.
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    12. kissmyshadestoo
      Thanks....just revisited that page.....I do remember reading that now! Senior moment indeed!
    13. ACTON
      I loved Bernard's book 'Chapter and Verse'. Very down to earth. I loved Marr's book too. I liked Moz's autobiography but a lot of it was random and uninformative and 55 pages about the court case was rubbish. It had an air of whinging and self-pity that I've never seen before in an auto-biography. Marr summarised the court case in a paragraph.
      I would say it is almost impossible to write an autobiography that satiates all needs of the serious fan. I'd love an autobiography from Moz/Marr that explained the genesis of every song, every tour, TV appearance, and things in their lives that impacted the band (and vice versa). But basically that would be an impossible thing to document.
    14. Anonymous
      But it's easier for Marr to talk about the songs in detail. Moz will never disclose the true meaning or subject of songs or name all of the sources for his lyrics because he wants that the listeners do that.
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