Russell Brand

just watched russells latest video! im in awe of his indomitability :love: :bow:

the dude is grounded

Relaxed Bear Grylls GIF by National Geographic Channel
i sort of feel like if you're in a relationship with a sex addict and a heroin user, then you sort of have an agreement where you signed up for him maybe in a drug fueled frenzy not being that cognizant of personal boundaries and these things happening. i wouldnt call that 'rape' rape. i mean, not being in that relationship it's really hard to speculate and make judgements about these things.

Totally, thats what I was thinking .
Lol. what’s with the hat? and why is he shouting? Couldn’t get through that.
justin trudeau wouldnt know animal magnetism if it hit him in the face!!

A conspiracy theory that actually compels me is the one that says Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau's father. If you look at him next to photos of Pierre Trudeau and El Presidente, it is very convincing. He also has his alleged dad's impressive height (Castro was 6'3, J.T. is 6'2). And Trudeau père? 5'6.
Would it be cynical to think that he (Brand) started pushing conspiracy theories when it became clear to him that this would all come out eventually and a public reckoning was inevitable, and his only line of defence would be “the establishment is taking me down”? He knew his old fans would desert him, his new ones wouldn’t.
Anyway, tired of Russell Brand now. Can we move on to the Laurence Fox/Dan Wootton situation? :fire:

Is the establishment shaking in their boots so hard that an alliance was formed between GB News and GB News to bring them down?

What do y'all think?
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