Russell Brand - Why I love The Smiths

I take it you just happened upon this site? accidently like,as you do

I have a passing interest in what the perverted were watching in the 80's.

Apparently hairy bush was quite the fashion.

(Actually, I don't know how that one didn't get around all the papers. Surely not an example of poor research & biased reporting? Never!)
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Reminds me,I inadvertantly stumbled upon a site containing 1920s porn.

Yeah right. You know you like to play a little ragtime when you lay down for a little personal ragtime with a sepia'd flapper. :p:horny:
Katy Perry f***s me off big time.

Good choice of wedding song, though.

Her music makes my ears bleed but she seems like an okay person. The journo should have asked her if Jill Sobule has ever threatened to sue her for ripping off "I Kissed a Girl".
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