Russell Brand: I thought about taking heroin yesterday - 6 Mar 2013,


Wrong species


THE last time I thought about taking heroin was yesterday.

I had received “an inconvenient truth” from a beautiful woman.

It wasn’t about climate change — I’m not that ecologically switched on — she told me she was pregnant and it wasn’t mine.
I had to take immediate action.

I put Morrissey on in my car as an external conduit for the surging melancholy and as I wound my way through the neurotic Hollywood hills the narrow lanes and tight bends were a material echo of the synaptic tangle where my thoughts stalled and jammed.

Morrissey, as ever, conducted a symphony, within and without, and the tidal misery burgeoned....

....I wound down the hill in an alien land, Morrissey chanted lonely mantras, the pain quickly accumulates incalculably and I begin to weave the familiar tapestry that tells an old, old story. I think of places I could score.
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