Rumour - all remaining US tour dates postponed to December (via Sam Esty Rayner)

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By Anonymous on Nov 20, 2016 at 6:11 PM
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    UPDATE 12:00PM PT:

    Link posted by an anonymous person:

    Morrissey is planning a big end-of-tour Saturday night at Oakland Auditorium where all of M's heroes - Martin Luther King, James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Huey Newton - gave famous speeches. Oakland was also the first city to go up in flames once the Trump Tragedy had been announced. Be there or be square.

    As far as I know:
    7 dec Royal Oak
    9 dec Cleveland
    10 dec Chicago
    15 dec Dallas
    17 dec Houston
    18 dec San Antonio

    And then Oakland - the big bang

    Sam has posted the following on Facebook:

    "I have heard rumours that all 2016 remaining Morrissey shows are to be pushed back - there are no cancellations. The next show will now be 7th December in Detroit and onwards to Texas. But this only what I've heard....."

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Anonymous, Nov 20, 2016.

    1. Anonymous
      From same source: "Chicago is now Saturday 10th. Hold on to your tickets..."
    2. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      What a lame message. Is he involved enough to know or not? Rumor; pppffffttt.
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    3. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Sam posting speculation and not definitives? Not very helpful. My own personal bugbear: is he an idiot for propagating the 'official' Morrissey Facebook presence or is this a typo on TTY?

      "6 May 2015

      Please Note

      There is no such thing as a Morrissey Official Facebook page. Morrissey has no connection to Facebook."

      With contradictions like this, I can only have empathy for frustrated ticket holders and wish them luck.
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    4. Anonymous
    5. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      "Please Note

      There is no such thing as a Morrissey Official Facebook page. Morrissey has no connection to Facebook.""

      What you are saying may be true but...
      moz official.JPG
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    6. Anonymous
      Why would Stubwire continue to issue refunds for the Houston show if the tour was going to pick back up?
    7. AztecCamera
      I reckon Lil' Sammy is not "involved" but does know and can post the truth, you know it is called "True To You".

      I reckon Vince Del Monte?....c'mon lil' Sammy..just eat more pasta when you are at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve's house.
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    8. Anonymous
      Because you usually have the choice between a refund or holding on to your ticket. Not everyone is able to attend the new date.
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    9. Anonymous
      Trump tragedy? Surely you mean glorious victory?
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    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Oddly, the point is that what is being said is by Morrissey not myself! The verification part might be solved via who he was represented by at the time it was created, but to then deny it's real and distance himself from it via TTY whilst SER continues to use it is just more of his usual mystique I guess.
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    11. Anonymous
      So strange. Anoucements made by... Morrissey's nephew :p
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    12. sweetness522
      Refunds were sent automatically (at least they were for Dallas and Houston). We didn't have a choice to hold onto our tickets.
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    13. gordyboy9
      not an ideal situation for anyone going,least they aren't being cancelled.gustavo must need more rest than was first thought.
    14. Anonymous
      Oi Sam: Huey Newton, Angela Davis, and Martin Luther King are Morrissey's heroes now? Since when, around three or four months ago, the same time that he found out about Public Enemy online? Since he realised that his career and outlook on life is utterly irrelevant in the modern world, and he no longer has anything of interest to say about anything or anyone - and 'the world won't listen', for good reason now - so he decided it's time to start appropriating black culture in an attempt to seem 'current' again? Fuck off, you fucking chump, you and your opportunistic uncle - who's about as relevant in 2016 as Hillary Clinton and Nicolas Sarkozy.
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    15. Gregor Samsa
      Gregor Samsa
      The Oakland thing sounds MEGA. And Moz sure has a fine taste in heroes.
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    16. Anonymous
      Which venue is likely for Oakland? The Fox Theatre?
    17. Anonymous
      Ok so if this is the case, then do you guys think he's having a break after these dates and starting touring again next year?
    18. Kenmare
      Not a date in New England. Bloody hell. The East Coast is lonely (though, asssuredly, not as balmy as the other). Sigh.
    19. Anonymous
      What about Nigel Farage?
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