Rumor: Morrissey U.S. concert dates (Oct. 3 - Nov. 3, 2017) listed on Spotify

Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Famous when dead, Jul 25, 2017.

By Famous when dead on Jul 25, 2017 at 1:17 PM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Dec 7, 2000
    Birmingham, U.K.
    UPDATE July 27:

    The dates no longer appear in Spotify.

    Spotify is listing the following under the concerts -> all concerts section of Morrissey's entry on their app/site.



    Media coverage:
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Famous when dead, Jul 25, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      In the US, you never ask someone how much money they make. I don't know how much my closest friends make. I never even knew how much my family made.
    2. countthree
      100% sure. I would know it and I would hate it if it were so, because upper classes in my country are defined by economic standards, being most of them ignorant and corrupt psychopaths. I wouldn't like to be in that train, sorry.
    3. URBANUS
      But that sounds like fascinating people!


      Maybe not and I have been around those people and what they do is compete with the ones they call their friends and none of them are happy cause no one ever wins.
    4. URBANUS
      That is the same world over but people talk about what other people make behind their back and nowadays you can just check what they make online, at least here in Sweden. But then again you just get to see the legal money they made cause no one knows what other incomes people might have.

      A bit like me, people to kill and money to collect.

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    5. Anonymous
      Hearing a rumor that all gigs have been pulled now. Anyone got any info?
    6. Anonymous
      If what you mean to say by calling the dates 'pulled' is that they are cancelled, then yes, you were well informed.
      reasons given:
      1 bust up
      2 lack of liquidity aka no funds in the bank, aka broke without money
      3 no record label, no product.
      4 last pulled album promised re release with sad Joan of Arc cover not released. No funds.
      5 Interpol investigating the Italian hissy fit.
      6 Dont call us we will call you when we feel there is demand for a follow up to List of the Lost
    7. URBANUS
      Moz flipping burgers at McDonald's is something I want to see.

      The dream is still alive!
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    8. rifke
      how soon will we know whether these dates are legit or not? i need to buy my plane ticket to paris for my becoming an illegal immigrant, and ideally i'd like to buy it now so that i cant go back on it, but i cant because i need to know whether i should buy one departing from vancouver on 0ct 31 or seattle on nov 2. all i know is, seeing morrissey would be a great way to start my new life.
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    9. URBANUS
      I think most of us plan to start a new life but in the end it usually ends with just small changes and the realisation that we are happy the way things are.

      I plan to change mine too in the future and it involves moving the hell away from here cause the past is still present here in a bad way.

      I don't mind seeing myself ageing but seeing people from my past resembling their mom and dads just get me down somehow. Even the prettiest girl in class won't show her face on Facebook which says it all.

      Divorce and a past that is better than the now isn't exactly inspiring and places that used to be your home and full of people close to you are now like abandoned stages where the cast has died on you. I refuse to die around here.

      I hope your plan come true and you find a new life to make you happy.
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    10. rifke
      that's not what i asked.
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    11. rifke
      im going to write a short story about someone becoming an illegal immigrant and everyone around her being anything but helpful. even fucking grocery moz, who's encouraging--pressuring, i would say--me to do it, keeps comparing it to the "time i went to istanbul for three months and spent the whole time drinking coke outside my hostel and looking up at some famous tower". and im like "dude [except that i dont actually say 'dude'], it's not the same thing AT ALL". i mean, if youre going to pressure me to do something you at least owe me the obligation of taking it seriously.:rolleyes:
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    12. URBANUS
      I wanna know more but then your plan is escapism it seems. I know we do not really talk anyway.

      Still wish you good luck.
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    13. URBANUS
      Maybe you would open up to a wider audience by not calling them illegal immigrants and instead calling them what they are, migrants.

      We tend to focus on someones title more than what is behind it. Somehow I suspect the angry feminist hurting for the migrants saloon is full at the moment. Writing about them won't help them in the slightest but you can always work as a volunteer or even house them.

      It is at that point people tend to remember they have a life after all.

      Goodbye, Rifke!
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    14. rifke
      shut the fuck up
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    15. URBANUS
      Bit passive aggressive not to reply to a post and just shout out loud.

      Is the Gerrit absence already affecting ya?

      Maybe in the next world!
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    16. URBANUS
      Keys to Jerusalem and a tour of USA sure sounds like a nice jewish convention.


      Is Moz really kosher?
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    17. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      For what it's worth, and because its slow at work today, all the venues listed on the original Spotify screen capture, plus DC and Buffalo, are showing no conflicting bookings on the nights Morrissey is "scheduled" to play.
    18. sweetness522
      Been checking the same thing, Harsh Truth, but it seems very unlikely unless a ticket sale is announced by the end of Aug.
    19. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Agreed.... if it's not all formally announced next week then the plans must have changed.

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