Rumor: Morrissey U.S. concert dates (Oct. 3 - Nov. 3, 2017) listed on Spotify

UPDATE July 27:

The dates no longer appear in Spotify.

Spotify is listing the following under the concerts -> all concerts section of Morrissey's entry on their app/site.



Media coverage:
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looks promising for all our American friends across the water,thats if trump lets him in.
If this is the case then the Nov 10 date in Hollywood seems likely after all, based on the tour trajectory. I would expect a formal announcement very soon.
Goddammit Morrissey, play Pittsburgh again.

Yes, please and first song on the setlist should be: "On The Streets I Ran". :)
" Take anyone from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania just spare me"!
You'd love it and the audience would go berserk! :D

Or there will be a lyric change like: take anyone from Rome in Italy just spare me. :squiffy:
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Will Flint, MI finally get a completed show on this tour?
I'll hopefully be going to the philly show if he doesn't play d.c. If there are gaps maybe that'll be one of them. I was thinking the same about the phone charging. Funny
Lord, I hope it's true.
Will the new album be released just before, and if not, would he do some of the new songs? Intriguing questions.
Boz will attend, I can't imagine he wouldn't.
America, you lucky guys and gals!
Thanks FWD .
It's very amusing to see that news always break here but everyone on Facebook, twitter, Instagram ...rushes to claim the saw it first :rolleyes:
Exciting! Hope to see dates added soon!
Cor blimey. I just might be in Boston that week....... I wouldn't plan a trip around a Moz concert (for obvious fear of cancellation) but it sure would be a nice bonus to see Moz.

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