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So this weekend I took a road trip and saw rufus a few times and it was kind of great. I didn't really know what to expect from the show as I heard some music but never really seen him. He was pretty funny and flamboyant. It was great fun. Highlight of the evening other then meeting the our lovely giselle, was getting to dance onstage with rufus. After meeting him it was nice to see him after the show being gracious and charming. He even remembered me from the previous night which was nice. It was a nice albeit exhausting 2 day 1200 mile trek.


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Hey, you're not too bad yourself, VivaGil! :)
I thought the Dallas show was amazing; I enjoyed it immensely.
So glad to hear that the Houston gig was a hit, too.
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It's nice to hear that Rufus is a gracious kind of guy :) But from what I've read about him, I'm not really surprised.

I'd love to see him live!
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