RSD UK 2020: "Honey, You Know Where To Find Me" 10" vinyl released today (August 29, 2020)

Record Store Day (number 13) this year has seen a variety of changes.
Pre-covid, the plan (as per usual) was to release a long list of rarities and collectables.
People would then queue and try hard to get their wants lists met at their indie record store.
Februray 20, 2020, we shared a rumour sourced from the Reps that the 12" (thought at the time) was ready for listing.
This was confirmed the next day with a link to the physical product via 'Bullmoose'.
RSD was due to take place on April 18, 2020, but world events would bring about the end to this plan.
March 4, 2020, Central posted an image of several of these records saying there were 3 tracks on the B-side (there isn't a B-side).
That would indicate they were already made and ready to distribute, but have sat for 5+ months waiting.
RSD then announced (April 29. 2020) the revised plan to split the list up in to 3 and 'drop' over 3 dates with Morrissey being in the first one.

That all said, today finally sees the first of 3 scheduled 'drops' for the revised Record Store Day, 2020 in the UK.
Amongst many sees a Morrissey 10" transparent vinyl featuring: Honey, You Know Where To Find Me, Fantastic Bird, You Should Have Been Nice To Me.
All of these tracks were taken from the 2009 'Legacy Edition' of Southpaw Grammar.
Although bringing nothing new to the table, it was clear that the cover star was something Morrissey wanted on a record.
Lili St. Cyr was first suggested by Central as a cover star for When You Close Your Eyes back in June, '19.
The image was taken by Maurice Seymour Studio (Maurice & Seymour Zeldman).

Initially proposed single:


(Please see this excellent blog for a summary of her colourful life).

On to the vinyl (click an image to zoom):


The product itself looks great with light behind it.

Around the edge of the record it reads:
"Play this side only. No Audio on other side. 33 ⅓ RPM. Morrissey: 1. Honey, You Know Where To Find Me 2. Fantastic Bird 3. You Should Have Been Nice to Me ℗ 2009 & © 2020 Morrissey under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) LTD...." (ends in usual copyright warning)
There is no matrix message on this vinyl.

Lots of indie retailers appear to be doing all sorts of innovative things to stay afloat during these difficult times.
This has included flexible ways to secure copies of items on the main RSD list by mail order, pre-ordering and some will offer the queue and hope approach too.
If you enjoy RSD and however you may be participating - best of luck.
The record, from a collecting point of view, is well worth owning IMHO.

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It's not on the official list for RSD. Not sure where you are getting your information. It was on the list, but was taken off.
It's not on the official list for RSD. Not sure where you are getting your information. It was on the list, but was taken off.
It has been there since the (UK) list appeared and is still there now after the revised RSD dates:
Bought one, much to my surprise. And there was one further copy left in the shop.

I got one , and picked up the rerelease of Durutti Columns Vini Reilly, with the 7" of I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong, and For Stephen Patrick on the b Side.


I was the first this morning, and when I spotted these two in their RSD box, I experienced a sudden pang of sibling rivalry, so I got them both.
It really looks great and it's convenient that all three songs are on the same side.
How many copies pressed?
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