RSD 2022 drop 2: Sandie Shaw - Hand In Glove coloured vinyl 12" released (June 18, 2022)

Now appearing in the wild...


(Via Twitter sources).
Red vinyl confirmed with poster & an obi strip.

Full look at the contents:


According to Stranger Than Paradise - RSD Drop 2:

RSD Drop 2 titles will be available to purchase in store from 9am Saturday 18th June.
Remaining stock will be available to purchase online from 8pm Monday 20th June.

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Why is it written in Japanese? Was the original a Japan-only single?
It is a thing of beauty and is currently on display at home . It's inaugural playing will be around 11.00 am *GMT Sunday.
Viva Moz
sandies singing on the video above is very good,she has a relaxing voice,could send you to sleep but in a good way.
All the lads listed except Morrissey. Haha. Nice.
you have been coming here since june 1st 2000,thats twenty two years visiting a singers fan website who you detest,that is bad and sad at the same time.
Most of us detest him now. Pretty common, actually. Don't shoot the messenger.
and yet you still flock here like sheep following the farmer straight to the abbatoir,baahhh.
All the lads listed except Morrissey. Haha. Nice.
It's all bit odd - I haven't listened to the three songs for a while, but I could have sworn Moz does backing vocals on at least one of them. Maybe he didn't want his name on it, having fallen out with everyone else?
Morrissey performs pretty prominent backing vocals on 'Jeanne', so it's odd the cover mentions every other member of The Smiths except him.
Just a heads up that the version of 'Jeane' here is an extended version, which is different to that on the original release. I don't think it's previously unreleased though - the phonographic copyright notice is for 2004, so I think it's the same as the extended version that came out of the 'Hello Angel' CD bonus tracks?

I don't own that, so it came as a bit of a suprise when Johnny kept strumming after I thought the song was going to end! :)
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