Royal Oak, MI - Music Theatre (Dec. 18, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / First Of The Gang To Die / When Last I Spoke To Carol / You're The One For Me, Fatty / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Black Cloud / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Satellite Of Love / People Are The Same Everywhere / Maladjusted / You Have Killed Me / Speedway / All The Lazy Dykes / Meat Is Murder / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Scandinavia / I Know It's Over / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell // Still Ill

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Great photos! Thanks for posting.

Hi Graycard

I just loved your precious photographs of the concert! - Well done you for getting so intimately up there!

Me, being me, i homed in on Morrissey's beautifully tailored Pink " Polka dot or not " shirt! I am so jealous, he seriously must have a great little tailor tucked away somewhere. Of course,My being from Sale, Manchester - juat a bus ride away from Stretford always comes first in the Morrissey stakes!! But i am seriously studying his style - STILL - i was a fashion "stew-don't" in a former life - when poor kids got a grant! A bygone age!


Thank you



Very concise review. A few other things said: Morrissey opened the show singing "Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open "bleh" and later in the show he said "It's a cold, December Sunday in Michigan, is there anywhere better to be?, before launching into Everyday is like Sunday.


Soooo, the mere act of posting to Solo has relegated me to the status of a "Morrissey Undesirable" yet if I defend the band then I am a thug? I basically can't win. Allow me to extend my thugishness to you, Mr. Anonymous, and ask that you go suck a dick. Might I suggest your own as you have no spine and it'll be easy to reach your tiny little stupid cock, you dumb f***.

Maybe Morrissey should hire YOU for the, " security guards"! Just growle, bear your teeth and..... bark at the moon!


anyone have video of "First of the Gang to Die" from the Royal Oak show? If so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post.


Dear all,

Well, here is the end of 2011 and ANOTHER tour.
What an amazing 2011 US + Mexico tour plus 2011 tour in England, Scotland, Poland, Sweeden and Germany too.
A lot of miles
A lot of smiles
Thankfully no red or white roses - oh, don't start that blog again, please!
A lot of guitars
Some great music
Some great drumming
Some great singing
And a tour without a label and without an album.
A fantastic and amazing achievement.

1. The Highlights:

Art-Hounds (or Art Hounds) - oh, yes, Morrissey. that's a great 4min song alright.
Scandinavia - oh, yes, Boz. Good one.
That's How People Grow Up.
People Are The Same EVERYWHERE.
Bradford (- missed it, unfortunately)
Stoke (- missed it too, unfortunately)
Videos posted to Youtube and not just the LA show. With amazing quality despite "no cameras"
Hey gringo. Ey gringo pasame la pelota - Mexico 2011.
All the Lazy Dykes
Nico, My Funny Valentine
Ammunition - Maladjusted. Complete and Complex. Boz is a master - oh hell yes. He really has does wonders with the band and the quality and the guitars and the drummer (just class.)
2012 - so much to look forward too.
Merry XMAS.
The Nico Tshirt - I want the one I can't have.
The Smiths Songs sounding BETTER than EVER before. And I mean BETTER Than Glastonbury and better than 2000-2008 and better than 1985 (honestly, it's not just me that thinks this - they are that good.)

2. The lowlights

Morrissey-solo - another idiot bites the dust and then another one springs up from the woodworm...or wood rot.

Weather - that rain storm looked bad in Europe. I can't see how anyone couldn't see the concert would be cancelled. Not so long after another concert venue in Europe collapsed (from memory) after heavy rain storm. The same rain cloud I imagine....

The Smiths - "Twenty-four years after the breakup of The Smiths" - Yes, to think that it was 24 years ago when we heard 'drummer boy' playing so badly for The Smiths - es un escandalo!

My hands are turning blue with the cold weather here in the UK, but no show in Sheffield and no show in Manchester.................................................................. i cannot say anything. ENVY is a killer !

Love and Best Wishes for all of you/us/ in 2012.

Cycle Annie,
The Guitar Tuner from Lancashire.

ps - that's not my real name - I know that because I do not cycle and I am not called Annie.


Why did Morrissey even waste his time in "abondoned Michigan"?? They don't deserve Morrissey.

Because in'abandoned Detroit ' he sold out dipshit.
He just played around Detroit a little over a year ago in Ann Arbor.
And I saw him near' abandoned Detroit 20 years ago so suck me.

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