Roxy Festival's plans to prevent Morrissey cancelling (Spanish)

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    A decent Spanish speaker would help,
    but it appears they are giving full consideration to where he's sited, the chef/gastronomic part of the festival, times etc...
    (their source:
    Cut'n'paste of translation (pretty poor):

    "This is the plan of the Roxy Festival so that Morrissey does not cancel its presentation

    Morrissey fans know that if the British get any scent of animal flesh, you can immediately cancel any of your scheduled concerts. At Roxy Fest, the Guadalajara festival to be held on April 1 at Trasloma Park, they already have the perfect logistics to respect the petition of a vegan and animal rights advocate as the ex-leader of The Smiths.

    We are healing with horror because we will place his dressing room totally separate from the area assigned to other artists. It will be an exclusive location for him, attached to a wall that separates the park from a chocolatera, so that the aroma that perceives at all times is that of chocolate and not any other that can be glued there. It is a prevention to anything that could happen, "said Santiago Valencia, part of the organizing committee of the massive event.

    One of the special features of the festival, whose lineup also includes Empire of the Sun, James and Smash Mouth, among others, is that his second letter is an exhibition of gastronomic art with chefs of national and world stature.

    So the festival had to conform to the norms that the singer of 57 years calls for any of his presentations in the world.

    We will not sell anything meat from an hour before it goes on stage, throughout the development of your show and an hour later. We do not see so much problem because the chefs that will be have vegetarian dishes and you have to have those variables. If hamburgers are sold, then in three hours the sale will stop, "he added.

    The interpreter of Suedehead will play only 90 minutes, according to Valencia, and will not be the artist to close this first edition of the Roxy Fest, since it is scheduled to start from 13:20 and end at 2:30 a.m. Next with Empire of the Sun.

    He confessed that the negotiations with Morrissey were not easy and that it has been quite complicated to be able to have it back. In addition there were general complications from the early leakage of a false poster that anticipated the completion of the massive and the presentation of the British.

    We touch base with the people of OCESA by the demand that exists and they solved some problems that rather they would have to comment. Also in January came a poster where there were artists who are, others who did not and others that we really were in negotiation, like Wild Nothing and Morrissey himself. We stopped for two and a half weeks because of the danger that there was of falling through the same leak, "he explained.

    For the first Roxy Fest is expected the attendance of 20 thousand people, whose cast will still add two or three surprise artists, shared Valencia."

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by Famous when dead, Feb 12, 2017.

    1. AztecCamera
      I reckon if Uncle Steve is going to play sloshball with Smash Mouth? I reckon the smell of burned animal flesh permeates all of Mexico. This is going to be difficult.

      I reckon these Mexican bokes already made their first mistake, calling Uncle Steve "the British".
    2. g23
      "Quick! Fan the chocolate fumes towards Morrissey's exclusive area! The grills are smoking heavily and the wind has just changed direction!"
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    3. Anonymous
      "Healing with Horror" would be a good name for Morrissey's next album.

      Anyway, doesn't Morrissey claim to be against the dairy industry now? If so, how is wafting gallons of chocolate stench (there's no way it's going to be vegan, so it will be heavy with cow's milk) up his nostrils going to help?
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    4. countthree
    5. Anonymous
      I'm hiring a crop-duster to spray veal extract at his upcoming events. Anyone care to chip in on the cost?
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I debunked the article you linked to in the tour section ( I believe their 'journalists' simply regurgitate other people's stories - the parody site that made the cancellation story was then taken seriously by them and shared as it was of Mexican interest.
      This story is them reproducing the one on the Excelsior site which is reputable I believe - which is why I put both links there.
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    7. Anonymous
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    8. countthree
      Thanks for the info, that action you told us about and the fact it is still online makes zero credibility for that site. Not that I pretend to be miles Morrissey, but he doesn't deserve fake "news". He, like others, is giving a sign going to Mexico during these times. If I'm not wrong Suede went to Mexico last November too.
    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Speaking of dubious media... :)
      Here's a Huffpost article that ties all the articles together and adds a bit of extra detail:
      (Apologies: more dubious google translate).
      "Morrissey and all that will be at the Roxy festival in Guadalajara
      Sure will be the favorite of the chavorrucos.
      10/02/2017 1:32 PM CST
      • Sandra Lucario Editor at Huffington Post Mexico

      The organizers of the Roxy festival have been working for two years. Their goal was to create a boutique festival designed especially for adults.

      Although her lineup includes bands of the two thousand, such as Hercules and Love Affair and Empire of the Sun, and more recent interpreters such as Caloncho and Siddharta, its creators appealed to nostalgia by integrating Morrissey, James, Smash Mouth and Fito Paez Like headliners. And more recently to Placebo (today confirmed their participation).

      For this reason, Santiago Valencia, part of the organizing committee, says yes, that this is a festival for chavorrucos.

      But in addition to the musical experience, those who are behind this festival thought about the gastronomic aspect: Given the relevance that Guadalajara has taken on this theme, three chefs (Tomás Bermúdez de la Docena: Oyster bar & grill, Antonio de Livier de la Panga del Impostor and Paco Ruano, Mayor), to prepare three exclusive dishes for the festival.

      On the other hand, adults who decide to attend with their children can enjoy a children's area where there will be workshops and yoga for children from 5 to 12 years, concerts and a dj that will play at the end of the festival. Dads can stay in this area with the children or leave them alone, because - according to the organizers - there will be about 50 caregivers who will take care of the little ones.

      In this first edition also they have planned to pay tribute to David Bowie.

      In addition to having included in the poster David Brighton , recognized as the best imitator of the Bowie world, have asked the musicians of the poster to play a cover of the British composer. And they are about to confirm the exhibition of the photographs that Fernando Aceves took to the singer when he visited Mexico in 1997.

      About Morrissey
      It was in 2013 when Vive Latino would have an exceptional start. The festival would begin on a Thursday and the headliner would be Morrissey. It was all anxiety and excitement. However, one day before the expected day came, the British singer canceled his performance . There was money back and disappointment from his followers.

      That's why, last January, a poster was leaked announcing Morrissey's performance in a "supposed festival" , social networks exploded, as did the euphoria of Everyday is like sunday .

      A couple of weeks later, the festival and the participation of Moz were confirmed.

      Not without the small jokes generated in social networks on the possibility of the singer canceling his participation at the last moment.

      It is well known that Morrissey repeatedly cancels his shows for a variety of reasons: Because venues refuse to stop selling meat, because of a lack of funds, or because they do (that is, without the reason being known).

      However, the organizers of the Roxy are not willing to lose the talent that has generated so much expectation at the festival, so a special logistics have been prepared to respect the demands of the ex-leader of The Smiths .

      We will place his dressing room next to a wall that separates the park from a chocolatera, so that the aroma that perceives at all times is the one of the chocolate.We will not sell any meat from an hour before it goes on stage. We can not have any booth during your presentation and up to an hour after you step off the stage.
      Fortunately for the followers of Morrissey, but unfortunately for the organizers of the festival, who have been without the exclusive to bring it back to our country, yesterday Morrissey announced three concerts more in Mexico: the 29 of March in Monterrey, the 31 in the CDMX and on April 4 in Puebla."

      I almost choked on my coffee when I read Bowie impersonator...
    10. countthree
      Well... some people say less is more.
    11. Anonymous
      Morrissey plays there often , it's a big source of revenue. .
      They dig Brit bands . I like how suede loathe the USA
    12. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      but of course they'll put James in a dressing room right next to the hamburger grills!
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