Roma Symphony Orchestra: "RSO Performs The Smiths & Morrissey" album released (May 6, 2022)

The Roma Symphony Orchestra release a 12 track album via usual digital outlets today.
Featuring a classical take on Morrissey & The Smiths' songs.

YouTube playlist version of the album:

Very mellow classical takes on Morrissey & The Smiths tracks (press 3 horizontal bars at top right of YT video to see playlist).
They've done similar to other artists
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On Spotify:

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This is nice, very soothing, I quite like it. It would be awesome to see Morrissey perform live with the boys accompanied by a full Orchestra, I think it would be huge, his voice and many of his songs are suited perfectly for such a combination. Reggae legend John Holt did this (he's a crooner) and it was awesome.
I’d rather drift off to dreamland listening to that, than wake up screaming listening to this:

Front row seem to love it, though.

Funny that isn't it? Imagine other people enjoying something you hate?
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Yeah, this is just one guy on his casio keyboard, trying to pretend he's an orchestra. Cheap and nasty, sorry.
Some songs I loved and many others are not very suitable for an orchestra that is not outstanding, but they play Moz and Smiths!! Good for that reason
I wonder: Will Morrissey invite us to his birthday? You will share with us something......??? Hopefully he will remember me. I'm far away and I'm such a fan.....
That the orchestra, although not very good, plays the themes of Moz and The Smiths is great, surely makes Morrissey very happy !!!!
great to hear these songs done by a symphonica-orchestra but is not that good that I will buy it, would be nice if it's done with Morrissey and the band, that would make a difference. Well without a deal, one can only hope if ever new work from Morrssey will be released in vinyl or CD.
Hasn't something similar to this already been done by a string quartet about ten years ago or something? Actually it was 2003. So almost 20 years ago.
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I have a question. Why?
Orchestras have a hard time paying the bills even if it's just someone playing this in their bedroom on a toy keyboard like Uncleskinny suggested, so they do this kind of thing to get the cool kids to buy the record. Unfortunately it took them too long to write the charts and Morrissey became unpopular but they're planning to put out a collection of Taylor Swift's hits in about thirty years.
That version of This Charming Man is intentional, obviously. It fits with the sound of YoR, which was released at that time.

It may have been intentional because J. Tobias cannot play the line deftly enough to sound as good as when J. Marr played it. Years of Refusal was great on its own terms, but there was no need to re-arrange Smiths songs just to shoehorn them into that mold.
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