Morrissey Central "Roll On 2023" (December 23, 2022)

Morrissey has voluntarily parted company with Maverick/Quest management. Morrissey has also voluntarily withdrawn from any association with Capitol Records (Los Angeles.)

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Dog on a Chain was definitely mediocre, imo. Just not a good Morrissey album in any way. Boring songs that aren't memorable, and it's ridiculously overproduced. I wish he would just strip things back again, instead of trying to sound like The Killers.
Come on! Everything since YATQ had been mediocre (at best!), even though Ringleader does have some good moments. Everything since then has gotten chronologically worse.
What a rollercoaster!

I would like to take this time to remind Morrissey that stack of CD-Rs from 2004 in the bottom drawer of my desk is still available and if I can assist in getting an album out the door - I will! £5 a burn.

Edit - £3.50
Rollercoasters are fun. This is depressing.
Was there ever an official press release that showed he signed with Capitol? All I ever saw was what was posted on his website, which is what all the music websites used when it was annouced. Is it possible the contract was never finalized?
Feels like that potential Smiths reunion around 2008 was a sliding doors moment. He was on a roll at that point and that would have cemented his reputation as one of the alternative greats. It’s been one car crash after another since around 2011 and there doesn’t seem to be any way back now. Just sad.
So ‘licensed release’ means that Capitol doesn’t own it?

Unfortunately we don’t know what kind of contract was agreed upon between M and Capitol.
I highly doubt that he'd let them have ownership of BOT after what happened with Harvest.
I could be wrong, but doesn't he now just live in hotels?.
I think he owns, or recently owned, at least, a big house in Cheshire that his mother used to live in.

But, yes, I think he lives in hotels, like a slightly upmarket Alan Partridge.

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