Roger O'Donnell (The Cure) - executive producer of "England Is Mine"

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By davidt on Jul 14, 2017 at 2:29 PM
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    Simon writes:

    A member of The Cure is an executive producer on the new Moz biopic!

    Roger is an executive producer of 'England is Mine' - Chain Of Flowers


    Roger is listed as an executive producer of the new unauthorized Morrissey biopic, 'England is Mine'.


    Roger at the premiere of 'England is Mine' at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on July 2nd, 2017. Thanks, @fmjews74.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 14, 2017.

    1. AztecCamera
      Uncle Steve hates the Cure and especially Rob Smith. Maybe someone from the Cure being involved in this piece e of shit B film will finally make Steve get off his ass (asres) and get his Beverly Hills attorneys to shut this shiteee down. If this crap "film" ever makes it here to the Malibu Playhouse, the shiteee is going to hit the fan.
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    2. ACTON
      If you continue to have thick stools with screws mixed in you should see a doctor. A pear or kiwi or prunes will sort you out.
    3. URBANUS
      I always thought Roger looked like a tranny onstage with The Cure and resembled some old hag that stayed too long at the pride event.

      He was the inspiration when Robert wrote "Piggy in the mirror". I only know this cause Robert told me so when he was here at a Yvonne gig. They are a local swedish band that had a few hits that he for some reason admired and named as his favorite band in an interview.

      Here is a short clip posted before by me at Solo. Live at my dads jazz club:

      The entire song:

    4. URBANUS
      Yeah, we cannot wait for the fight as feminine men will cry over their broken nails and run off to the nearest nail bar where ching chong girls are ruining their lungs forever.
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    5. URBANUS
    6. URBANUS
      Executive producer and substance abuser, they go hand in hand those titles.
    7. countthree
      The occasional bully... :angry:
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    8. URBANUS
      If you ever wonder why you found yourself living in a banana republic it is because the people there hate the truth and everything that resembles a reality which sort of explains why entire south american countries come to a standstill when the most popular soap is on tv.

      Sorry for waking you up, princess!
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    9. Kenmare
      I agree with you, countthree. As he gets older (aren't we all doing the same), he reminds me a bit of Peter Fonda.

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    10. countthree
      I really hope you improve your arguments in your search of personnel for your brothel.

      I'm not sleeping beauty and evidently you are not prince charming, so...
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    11. URBANUS
      We're not hiring argie bargie's at the moment but you can still fill in the applicant form and please make sure you provide your documents as illegal aliens are not our thang!
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    12. countthree
      Good to know you are not short of labor force. In relation to my documents, I follow Morrissey's path: I don't show my ID and I won't back down. :brows:
    13. URBANUS
      Haha, that's smart of you. I do like you cause I am always harsh to people I like and I am not flirting or anything.

      Keep up the good work!
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    14. countthree
      Not particularly smart, but everything is relative, you know. My idea of flirting is not comprised in what is going on here, but still everything is relative. I'm not working, are you?
    15. URBANUS
      Just an expression and work is a four letter word, as you know (Yawn).
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    16. Anonymous
    17. Anonymous
    18. Anonymous
      the first you said its ok, roger is an asshole, but the cure its great band and roger its a great musician, but yes ,its agreat asshole.

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