Roger Mayne obituary - The Guardian; died June 7, 2014 at age 85

Roger Mayne, the chronicler of London childhood streetlife, as used by Morrissey, most notably on the cover of "Roy's Keen", has died.

Roger Mayne obituary - The Guardian
Photographer who dedicated himself to the subject of childhood in his street scenes of the 1950s

Morrissey used Roger Mayne's photographs on the "Roy's Keen" and "Interlude" sleeves and also on several backdrops during the 1997 tour. See the Morrissey-solo wiki Roger Mayne entry for details.

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Roger was quite impressive with his lenses. A true icon among men. He will be missed, dearly



When Morrissey was ill and pulled out of touring with David Bowie, (Southpaw era), I sent him a card with a photo taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson (boy with wine bottles). I see Roger Mayne was inspired by Carter-Bresson. Obvious really. cartier-bresson-rue-mouffetard.jpg


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