"Rock never dies"


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The keyboards have always been there, it's true—"to some degree." And I would never want to be without "Trouble Loves Me" or "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty." But those are piano stylings, more along the lines of "Let It Be" or "Shine a Light." Still well within the bounds of rock. But sparkling, jaunty, and synth-y keyboards are a whole other beast. I got the sense that he liked A-ha more for their hale and polite Norwegian personalities than for their musical stylings. And I didn't know he considered the Pet Shop Boys kindred spirits, though I would wonder if that's more of an ideological kinship than a musical one (he could probably well relate to the lapsed Catholicism of "It's a Sin"). But if he always liked those acts musically, then I'll have to admit that this new direction towards electro and synth-disco has simply been latent for a long time.

I think he meant that he recognizes that PSB also try to bring wit, elegance and subversiveness into a form often considered as shallow. And many of a-ha's songs have very good lyrics which speak to Morrissey's sense of drama.
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