Rock and Roll HoF inductees

What a lazy group of wealthy hippies. Surely Moz is relieved to exist another year outside the Rock Hall. Hopefully he won't live to see his induction. "2047's inductees: Fetty Wap, Hootie and the Blowfish, Skrillex, and The Smiths with significant honors to founding members Jimmy Mars and Alanis Morrissey." I visited the Hall once when I was twelve and half the pyramid was shut down. The museum of recording history reminded me of those scenes in naive films that take place in the past, you know, how life 50 years ago was so astounding and they rode dinosaurs to work, etc. A guard thwacked me in the back of the knee when I tried to snag a pin off of a Bowie costume from his final tour (Hand it over, hand it over). That's not very rock n roll. It's so bizarre to me that Joan Baez and Tupac are the most agreeable inductees listed.
Eh I had a good time when I went but I didn't really expect to see it reflect my tastes in everything. I just enjoyed what I saw as there aren't a lot of museums with any Rick a roll history in general. There's an important populist element to rock and roll and if it's supposed to reflect the mass appeal and influence on rock history then I can see why bands like Pearce jam would be included over groups like the smiths. Especially in America
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