Robbie Williams rejoins Take That!


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I wanted this bit of news to be my 3,000th post (the shame!!!) It'll just have to be my 3000 and first.

MY mate's girlfriend went to see them 15 times on their last tour. He went to 6 shows too. I pity him and his sanity now Robbie IS BACK, Back For Good.........

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Re: Roobie Williams rejoins Take That!!!

Very exciting news - and they're working with Stuart Price too, which is interesting.

Shame it'll be seen as "giving in" for RW, especially after a pretty decent comeback album.

Well, it is giving in.
He is our biggest selling pop star and despite having a powerful management and record label and despite them and him doing whatever they could to "break America", it didn't work he can barley sell ice cream there.
The worse part of the Robbie story is naff old Robbie himself, no matter how much money he has, he has zero talent, apart from in an X factor/Butlins kind of way.
Robbie has made millions and will make even more with Take That- how much money does one man need?
I think it's a shame, as a person I don't mind Robbie, I just take exception when people and him try to make out he is a serious pop artist and he wins awards for songs he didn't even write, even Angles his signature song is stolen.

His story could have been a good one.
The child of a night club singer goes on to be in a boy band, before going on to be Britons best selling pop star and the worlds highest paid. It would have been nice if he would have then created some songs that were of worth and did something interesting or at least become an interesting person, alas this was not to be.

As I say Robbie has ruined his own story by being so naff- other people writing his songs, even though he has paid a lot of money for songwriters to help him, in the whole of his solo career he hasn't made one truly classic song.
He has nothing to say of interest on anything what so ever.
He has lived his life on the front page and showed him self to be truly tacky- from turing up on the door step of Liam G's house dressed in a rabbit custom with a load of Sun reporters, to offer liam a fight (when he knew Liam wasn't in the country) to slagging off X factor, even though he himself is exactly that kind of performer, the only difference is the cameras were not filming during
the years Take That were auditioning. To make matter worse he then appeared on the X factor himself and gave a performance much worse than the contestants he was meant to be helping.

Now his last couple of LPs haven't done well and Take That are popular again, with Gary creating some nice light pop songs (not my cup of tea mind) Robbie has had to rejoin them again, even though he tried to make out he was above them (giving them advice how to make it on telly, etc) and stating they needed him more than the other way around.


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Re: Roobie Williams rejoins Take That!!!

wait, wait people actually like this jagoff?
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